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Black Diamond Helio 95 Ski

Brand: Black Diamond
Model: Helio 95
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The Helio construction is Black Diamond’s next step in carbon-fiber evolution. Noticeably more damp than BD’s prior carbon skis, the Helios have a layer of rubber in the sidewall near your heel to reduce vibration. The torsional stiffness and progressive flex come from a carbon fiber wrap around a balsa flax core, protected by a full ABS sidewall. As importantly, the Helios are easy to ski with a modern shape and rockered tip. BD designed the skis to have technical chops but not be too demanding. The result is a ski you can trust to ski big lines in variable conditions. Of course, with a generous underfoot width, the 95mm version is pretty fun in powder too.

  • Sidewall Dampening System integrates rubber behind the contact point to reduce chatter.
  • Pre-preg carbon fiber around a balsa flax wood core is torsionally stiff with a progressive flex.
  • 5mm thick ABS sidewalls are beveled to increase edge hold while protecting from edge damage.
  • Titanal mounting plate makes for reliable mounts, remounts, and possibly mounts after that.
  • Rounded tips and integrated skin-clip tab in the tail make it easy to fit skins to the skis.

Update 2018/19: Along with a graphics update the ski had its layup tweaked for a bit more dampening. Weight went up a couple ounces per ski (new weights listed on Specs tab).

Lengths (cm) 163, 173, 183
-> ounces
1315g [163]
1380g [173]
1495g [183]
Weight (pair) 2630g [163]
2760g [173]
2990g [183]
Dimensions 122-95-112 [163]
123-95-113 [173]
125-95-114 [183]
Turn Radius 18m [163]
19m [173]
20m [183]
Skin Fix Round tip, reinforced flat-notch tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile 303-340mm rockered tip, traditional camber w/ 221-245mm "Semi Rocker" tail
Shape Rounded tip, medium radius, flat tail
Construction Flat sandwich with pre-preg carbon layup
Core Balsa flax wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-day objectives
Notes Rubber in the sidewall behind heel for dampness
Bottom Line Go anywhere, do anything, all day
Question from mike
I'm trying to decide between BD helio 88 and 95, I'm 5'8 "tall and I weigh 185 pounds (trying to lose weight ...), I'm a good skier and I'm from a couple of light and traditional old 1985 Kastle Tour Randonee !! I have a pair of Arc'terix Procline Boots.
I'm skiing mainly in the Alps, what do you suggest?
Answer from Jeff M
Mike, Helios are a good choice for the Alps. Considering what you have been skiing, I would say the Helio 88 in a 178 cm would be a good choice.
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Question from Phil H
This website is awesome. Thanks for all the advice here.

I'm looking to to get a pair of helios. Not sure as I've never skied carbon before. It would replace and be my only set of BC skis. 100% BC in Truckee, CA area with a few trips to CO or WY every year. 5'11", 165lbs.

I'd love a quick recommendation on ski size and why carbon is the way to go.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Phil! Carbon is an incredibly light way to make skis stiff. That being said, there's not as much carbon in them as you'd think and they definitely don't have the typical "carbon" feel. If you plan on skiing as much in May as you do in January or just have a light set of boots, the 173cm ski would be awesome for that usage. If you have a burlier set of boots, prefer long skis, or just want to use it as a solid powder ski, the 183cm is the better option for sure.
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Question from Gordon
I just ordered BD Helio 95s in 163cm. What color are they? On your website I see both gray and red variants. I prefer red.

Order id: 67555.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Gordon! The pictures align with the item selected in the drop-down menu, and the order I am seeing shows that you ordered the 17/18 version, which is the ski with the black tail, red mid-foot, and white tips.
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Question from Kie
What size do you recommend for 115lb 5’7”? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Kie! Kinda depends on what you're using it for. If you have burly boots and enjoy skiing powder primarily then the 173cm would be my first choice, but it'll be long for steep skiing. If it's primarily going to be a spring ski for steep skiing, you are a beginner skier, or just like skiing in lighter boots then the 163cm makes a lot more sense.
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Question from Tony
Leaning toward 183cm version. 185lbs 5'10" . 60% backcountry 40% side country. East coast / VT primarily. Never skied Helio . Any thoughts on 173 vs 183 ?

Thanks ,

Answer from Nate
Hi Tony, I think I've answered your question below. Give us a shout if you have more questions.
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Question from Tony
Looking to pull trigger on the Helio 95 to slot into my quiver between my 88cm set up and my 115cm set up. would be using 60% backcountry and 40% side country with occasional laps at resort. Leaning toward the 183cm length. I am 5'10" 180lbs. Ive never had a chamce to ski the Helio so just trying to get some additional insight on how they ski relative to length. I predominantly ski east coast / VT.
Answer from Nate
Hi Tony, at your size and for the specific use, I think I'd suggest you go with the 183cm length. It will give you a little more stability and edge on the firmer East Coast conditions you will eventually find.
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Question from Simon
Hi there,
I'm really liking the look of the Black Diamond Helio 95 skis but would really appreciate some advice before making a decision. I'm short (163 cm) and light (64kg) and I'm thinking the 163 size would be perfect for mostly Euro touring and general use. I ski well but not fast or aggressively. Due to my light weight I don't want a really stiff ski. Do you think they would be a good choice? I also was wondering about the Cho Oyu which sound great but I think the 158 is a bit short and the 166 a bit long for kick turns on the steeps!
Any advice would be great,
Many thanks,
Answer from jbo
Hi Simon, that would certainly be a good size for you. While the Helio can handle relatively fast speeds, it's not overly stiff or demanding so I wouldn't be too concerned about being able to handle it.
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Question from Jerry
How are you sizing these? 5.7, 150 lbs
Answer from jbo
Hi Jerry, ideal length depends on planned usage. At your size I'd go with the 173 for all-around skiing, though you could get away with the shorter version for mountaineering.
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