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Voile Hyper Drifter Ski


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Design fads come and go all the time, and technologies that were once touted as revolutionary are tossed aside without eulogy to make way for the latest and greatest. Brands often jump on the bandwagon for a short ride, but Voile waved at the bandwagon as it rolled past. Rather than chase fads, they dug deep into their roots to bring us the Hyper Drifter, a ski that is modeled after the original (very popular) Drifter. With roughly a decade of high quality skis being made in the Drifter molds, Voile did the sensible thing and recreated the ski that has been a cult favorite since its inception, only they made the second version lighter and better suited for backcountry travel in every way. The Hyper Drifter has an updated shovel that is roughly 155mm wide that will give you more float than a boat full of foam. Early rise tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot means that you get to float and bounce through the snow while still maintaining edge articulation and control. For the deep days we dream of all year, clip into the Hyper Drifter and start stacking laps-- you won't be able to refuse the call of 'just one more'.

  • Ultralight Paulownia construction along the whole length of the ski keeps things feeling consistent and springy, perfect for champagne powder all day long.
  • The super wide shovel and early rise tip combine to keep you on top of the snow both on the ups and the down, regardless of how light or deep the snow is.
  • The Hyper Drifter takes many of its design cues from the SuperCharger and V8, with a couple pounds shaved off to make for a more hiker-friendly weight.

Lengths (cm) 171, 178, 186
convert to ounces
1460g [171]
1560g [178]
1700g [186]
Weight (pair) 2920g [171]
3120g [178]
3400g [186]
Dimensions 152-118-135 [171]
155-121-138 [178]
158-124-141 [186]
Turn Radius 18.3m [171]
19.1m [178]
20.0m [186]
Skin Fix Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Big tip, early-rise, camber
Shape Rounded tip & tail w/ medium radius
Construction Cap
Core Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder, sweet powder
Notes Floats like a hot air balloon
Bottom Line Ultimate powder play thing
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Nick
Any thoughts about the hyper drifter vs the hyper v8? Seems like the v8, has a little less running length and would maybe be a bit more playful for the width? Also curious if they have a similar flex profiles.

Answer from TSB
Hey Nick, you pretty much nailed it with those two points! The Drifter is absurdly stable and just loves to plow through whatever you point it at, whether that's an untracked meadow of 5% blower or a chopped-up south-facing bowl that is rapidly starting to resemble a mogul field. The V8, with that added rocker at the tip and tail -- and a lot more tip/tail taper as well -- has that more "flickable" feel and really doesn't stop the skier from making nimble, short-radius turns. I wouldn't say the stiffness/flex is wildly different, but the V8 is a little more forgiving, especially in the back seat, and doesn't have any issues pairing with a lighter, two-buckle boot, while the Drifter rewards more powerful skiing and a stiffer/taller boot.
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CalvinE (used product a few times)
When I first saw these skis, my first thought was, they are ridiculously huge for the backcountry, but I wanted to try them for deep powder days on resort. So I put full-featured touring bindings on them with brakes, since I use touring boots on the resorts. I also got them in one size shorter than usual for skiing trees and chutes.

But the resorts were all closed for Covid-19 by the time I got the Drifters and bindings installed, so I've been using them in the backcountry. What I discovered, is these babies are awesome in crappy spring snow! They keep you on top of the breakable crust better, and when you do go through, you don't go very deep under the crust. They also give you a nicer ride through spring sun cups. And surprisingly, the added weight is not much over my standard go-to ski, the Voile V6, so uphill travel is not bad as long you don't have to fit in an existing skin track. One other unexpected advantage, is all that surface area means you can skin up incredibly steep slopes. I'm also able to make very tight turns, inspite of the longer turn radius of the side cut, by using foot rotation - "short-swing" style works well with these. Maybe also because I got them in a shorter length. Overall very pleased!
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Question from Todd M Samson
I weigh 190 lbs, could I get away with the 171 cm ski? Or, should I stay with the recommended 178cm?
Answer from TSB
G'day Todd M. -- either 171 or 178cm would likely work well for you as a powder-slaying plank. We are seeing more folks going longer with this ski compared to what they use with Voile's other offerings, to create an easier trail-breaking experience and gain more float on the down. That said, the Drifter is so flipping wide you'll have plenty of both even in a shorter length!
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Model: Hyper Drifter

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