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Sarah H

Sarah H




5' 0"


112 lbs

Shoe Size

US 6.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

Bought this on a recommendation from Skimo to diy some skins for my new light setup, I badly wanted this Pomoca race grip but with a Ski Trab tab instead of one of those notch tips (versus the orange Pom that comes preset with Ski Trab tabs). The grip is unbelievable, it is the first skins I've had that uphill performance is noticeably different. I didn't notice a lack of glide, even on the first time out. The con on these from my perspective is, if you get a dab of snow on the very tail of the skin during ...
I bought these to replace some very abused G3s. I had been hearing from friends for a while during transitions that I should give up the G3s (they had just run their course) and get some Pomocas, but I couldn't have understood the difference until I actually pulled the trigger! I never have trouble with these not sticking because they got a little snow on them, but on the flip side, they don't overly stick to their skin savers or my ski bases, the front bar loop is very secure (despite that my skis are quit...
I just put these on a new setup and am loving them so far. The step in mechanism takes more pressure than I'm used to (versus Dynafit STs), then kind of snaps closed pretty hard, which if you hit it just right makes the whole process more seamless, but it's unforgiving if you mess up the position of the boot holes and have to start over. It also feels a little harder to pop out of with poles (or hands if you unfortunately fell in a pile of pow and have untangling to manage). But these are small gripes (and ...
These were my first tech bindings and they made the transition a dream! I just love the weight savings and ease of use and I feel like I've sacrificed nothing. I got into AT with a Marker Baron frame binding, as heavy as possible and I was pretty resistant to upgrading, tech bindings seemed flimsy and finicky in my imagination, but my fiance surprised me for Christmas by secretly mounting Speed Turns to my skis and I'm so glad he did because now that I've skied in them hundreds of times, I love them. Steppi...
I've recently become a convert and I want everyone to know! When I bought these, I was very unsure if I was going too far (after all, if you go too light, then you'll find out the truth about how good of a skier you are, right?). I read the reviews and was convinced that these perform better than you might expect, and it's all true. Actually, funny story from my first outing in these, I've been rocking some old hard-charging Scarpas that are only slightly lighter than downhill boots (and perform just as wel...

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