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Marker has heard your pleas for a lower, adjustable lateral release value, along with a lower vertical release, all the while keeping your concerns about weight and ski performance in mind. Even though that is a lot to process in one request, they put it all together and have called it the Alpinist 8 binding. Along with hitting all the specs sought after by lighter weight, or less aggressive skiers, this binding also happens to be very user-friendly and can hold up to a great deal of flex from your skis without release so land it in the back seat, or nose-butter away! Since Marker knows that safety isn't third (it's first), the Alpinist 8 heel piece sits snug against the back of your boot allowing for a more consistent release and some rebound when exiting turns. Well paired with anything from Race+ to Beef boots, you can change your mind on which boot to take out since there is 15mm of adjustment to accommodate different BSL's. The Alpinist 8 is very similar to the Alpinist 10 and 12 in that it has a flat mode, an easy-to-use flap riser, and optional brakes should that be your cup of tea. If you want to ski at more humane release values the Marker Alpinist 8 checks that box along with a few others.

  • Gapless heel just like the Alpinist 10 & 12 for release value consistency and rebound.
  • Anti-ice pads are placed under the toe and heel to keep snow and ice from building up.
  • Adjustable lateral release in the heel, allowing for values ranging from 3 to 8.
  • Lower vertical release value than the Alpinist 10 or 12 with the "soft" spring installed.
  • Integrated crampon receptor works with Marker Pintech ski crampons.
  • 15mm of adjustment in the heel accommodates different boot-sole lengths.
  • Flat-on-ski mode for those long approaches and meadow skipping.
  • Featuring a carbon-reinforced pin toe for lightweight security.
  • Removable brake widths of 90mm, 105mm, and 115mm.

Update 2022/23: The Alpinist comes with an updated ISI (Intuitive Step In) toe this year. This means a rubber stop-pad, a bigger step-in platform, and less force needed for the toe to click into place. The new version weighs 25 grams more.

convert to ounces
267g [2021/22]
Weight (pair) 584g
534g [2021/22]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Accessory 90, 105, 115
BSL Adjustment   15mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Adjustable 3-8
Crampon Ready   Included option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced polyamide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Gapless binding for consistent release
Bottom Line Lower release value in a low weight offering
Compare to other Lean Bindings

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Questions & Reviews

Rob (used product a few times)
These are super simple, strong and reliable. My resort din is 8.5 and dropped down to the 8 value with these. No pre release, sometimes I forgot I’m on backcountry skis. I usually just leave the heel in ski mode and use the mid level riser for skinning up which keeps things really easy and I haven’t felt like I needed to turn the heel for the high riser. They also have one of the lowest heel toe delta (~4mm) Thanks to all the guys at skimo you were extremely helpful figuring out my set up!
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Sarah H (used product a few times)
I just put these on a new setup and am loving them so far. The step in mechanism takes more pressure than I'm used to (versus Dynafit STs), then kind of snaps closed pretty hard, which if you hit it just right makes the whole process more seamless, but it's unforgiving if you mess up the position of the boot holes and have to start over. It also feels a little harder to pop out of with poles (or hands if you unfortunately fell in a pile of pow and have untangling to manage). But these are small gripes (and will possibly loosen up over time anyway) and I'm extremely happy with weight and performance overall!
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Question from Chris
So does the 8 version come with the soft 'U' spring as stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, yes that is correct.
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Question from David S
How will the release of this compare with other brand tech bindings? Should I go with this if I want an equivalent release as my ATK Trofeo 8 bindings?
Answer from Cole P
Hey David, the release values are comparable to other tech bindings and is how you should identify which option you will purchase. Unlike most tech bindings the Alpinist uses a zero-gap in the heel which makes the release more consistent. The Alpinist can only adjust laterally and has a fixed vertical release. So the Alpinist 8 will max out at an eight laterally and is fixed at an eight vertically. The Alpinist 10 can adjust from 4-10 but the vertical release is fixed around a nine. We do sell U springs from Marker so you can get the right Alpinist and change out the U spring for the appropriate release value.
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Question from Alice
Hi! I would like to purchase those binding, but I have a question regarding the brakes! My skis are 94mm wide, do i pick the 90mm brakes or 115mm, do they extend?

Thank you!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Alice. Go with the 90mm as they can be stretched to fit your ski.
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Pete (used product regularly)
I have skied these bindings hard over the last five days! I am absolutely stoked by these bindings. They do everything right. The release for me seems dialed. The uphill and downhill performance has been outstanding. I opted for using the leash, and I feel that was the correct choice. I am driving large 188, cm skis with these in powder and crud and long skied-out chutes. They do have a little elasticity which is awesome! I feel like the binding sits a little lower down towards the ski than my previous touring bindings, so instead of feeling like your on the ski, you feel like your in the ski. Iv only used the flat and the single heal riser for climbs. That feels like plenty for me. It's quick and easy to use. Transitions are easy.
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Question from Sarah Kope
Hi there! Had my setup stolen so looking for a new rig. Bought Black Crows Navis skis that are a 102mm underfoot and debating whether the Marker Alpinist 8 or the Salomon MTN would be better for that underfoot. Thoughts? I am 5’5” and 125lb if that helps too
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out! I recommend that you fill out a binding finder( Once we know that information, we will be able to provide you more accurate suggestions!
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Model: Alpinist 8

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