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I was quite hesitant at first taking into account their weight and 60mm underfoot. But the skis are really awesome and I'm actually shocked how well they ski. I've skied them in almost every conditions without any issues. Trab Sprints are intended for vertical races but they work great also for standard mixed terrain races. Sweet ski!
They are crazy light, my shoe weigh 555g in 29 size. Normally I wear 30 size but Gignoux shell is quite large and you I was able to downsize. Comparing to Scarpa they are very wide, actually too wide imo but if you have wide feet you will be very happy. It's a pitty that they do not use Dynafit certified inserts because they are significantly better. Heel levers are plastic, quite sketchy but seems to still work fine after two years of use. Overall great boot for racing as well as general fast&light mission...
Ski Trab came with really brilliant idea when they made those bindings. It takes a bit of practice to get used to it but after some time they are really easy to operate and trasitions are smooth and fast. Do not pre-release, very reliable and light binding. Definitely one of the best bindings for racing.
One of my favorite pants. The Mezzalama pants are insulated in areas exposed to cold, insulation is quite thin though so you won't get sweaty when skiing uphill. Thanks to side-zips allow you can put the pants on in a few seconds with skis attached. These pants are windproof, comfortable, light, packs quite small, literally couldn't ask for more. I have used them very often for three seasons, this year I upgraded to Mezzalama 2.
I have had used regular Alients for two years, then jumped into these 1.0 equipped with carbon cuffs - both versions are quite similar at first sight. I thought that the only difference is weight, however later on I was literally shocked how much better are these comparing to the all plastic Aliens, seriously huge improvement. Lighter, levers work much easier, greatly improved ankle mobility, cuffs are tight, boot is overall very stiff. Ease of use during transition is just unmatched, you flip the lever and...

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