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SCARPA Alien 1.0 Boot

Model: Alien 1.0
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SCARPA says that never before has anything this lightweight provided this much performance. At Skimo Co, we tend to agree. Liberal use of carbon fiber and a cleverly designed minimalist buckle system allows these boots to cross the finish line at a scant ~750 grams (1lb 10oz) [27]. The racers crossing the line in first place would indicate that it is quite skiable as well.

  • Reliable single throw lock lets you switch between walk and ski modes in a blink.
  • Advanced carbon cuff system works like a backbone, supporting the leg and increasing drive and edge control of your skis.
  • Features a "buckle" system that is actually rope tied to the locking mechanism, making this quite possibly the first zero buckle skimo race boot.
  • The BOA closure system cradles your feet without pressure points, allowing fine tuning of fit on the fly.
  • A thin layer of alien-green polyamide protects the carbon core that wraps your foot, reducing vibration and preventing oft-seen cracks on all-carbon boots that have collided with an edge of a ski or rock.
  • Appropriately named Vibram "UFO" soles feature large grooves to avoid picking up freeloading debris.
  • A relatively wide 99mm last lets the blood circulate, keeping your toes from freezing when it's below zero on race day.
  • Uses the patented Quick Step boot inserts to ease into your race bindings without fuss.
  • Forward lean can be set at either 9 or 13 degrees while enjoying 58 degrees of movement in run mode.
  • Lightweight HRP Intuition overlapping liner securely wraps your leg and is thermomoldable.
  • Optional gaiter prevents snow from wetting your cuff if you take these out on a pow day without your lycra suit.

Alien 1.0 vs Alien

If you can afford it, the Alien 1.0 will give you one of the most advanced boots on the market. If you prefer to spend $1000 on something other than SCARPA's carbon core injection technology, the Alien makes a worthy replacement with a penalty of only 150 grams (5.3 ounces). You might also enjoy the slightly thicker liner, power strap, and trip to Cancun.

-> ounces
754g [27]
826g [28]
Weight (pair) 1508g [27]
1652g [28]
Buckles Rope plus BOA, single throw latch
Boot Sole Length 262mm [24]
271mm [25]
279mm [26]
287mm [27]
296mm [28]
305mm [29]
313mm [30]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 58°
Forward Lean(s) 9°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Carbon & polyamide shell, carbon cuffs
Liner Race weight HRP Intuition
Sole Vibram UFO
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing
Notes Lower shell combines rigid carbon with a durable polyamide wrapping
Bottom Line Out-of-this-world design to keep the weight down.
Question from thomas

How do they compare to the newly released alien rs ? in terms of skiability and stiffness ?

Thanks !
Answer from jbo
Hi Thomas, the 1.0 is stiffer but the RS ends up a bit more skiable due to the extra height, weight, and beefier liner.
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Question from Patrick Fink
Is sizing consistent between these and the modern F1?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Patrick, thanks for reaching out! Lengthwise, yes. Volume, no. The Alien 1.0 is narrower (99mm last vs the F1's 102mm last) and it has a slightly lower instep.
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by Alex N (used product regularly)
Odds are, if you're looking at these boots, you're also looking at the Dynafit DyNA and maybe a few others- and let me assure you that if a) the boot fits, and b) you can afford it, overall, you've found the best of the lot. I have spent 1 season on the DyNA, 1 season on the Alien 1.0, and will now be racing on the PG 400/Dynafit DNA- but if you can only get one of the three of these boot pairs, this is the one. (I'll try to review the DNAs separately once I've spent more time on them).

Everything everyone says about it, all the raving, etc., is true. These really are amazing boots that are outstanding for races, but also as a general, "legit" ski mountaineering boot that you can take into the mountains (weather appropriate, given the lack of full coverage on the boot). The ski performance is astounding for what they are- the carbon makes the boot really stiff and capable of comfortably driving skis with widths up into the high 80s (mm). They are almost two stiff at times- in mank/wet powder/heavy snow, for example, the lack of "progressive flex" will be a little jarring and you will get kicked around, but you will be able to drive the skis as you wish. As has been extensively covered by Jonathan Shefftz and others, the boot is exceptionally durable, and other than the lever breaking occasionally (not a problem I have had) they can handle a fair amount of mountain abuse.

One more racing-centered thing I really like about these boots is how easy the transition is- just flip the lever and forget it. As you stand up the lever will find the notch itself, saving you precious seconds of fiddling around vs. other options like the DyNA and PG/DNA. It's as easy as it gets.

One downside is that the boot is a PITA to put on/take off, especially with the gaiters. But if you're leaving it on for the day it's not that big of a deal. Also, the boot does have significant exposure to the elements- for that reason I have never felt comfortable taking it into the deep mountains or in very cold weather.

One other small racing-related point- the DyNA has a rockered sole which makes it the best for running out of the lot, whereas the Alien 1.0 has a flat sole which makes it good for mountaineering but not as good for running (feels more like an ice boot and clunks around when moving fast). While comparing it to the DyNA, it is also a) significantly stiffer, with b) a more secure boot upper/lower connection, and c) the lower on the DyNA tends to bulge/buckle under pressure, reducing the performance even during lateral movements- this is not a problem on the Alien 1.0

Lastly, the boot is somewhat "high volume," particularly above the foot- so if you have a flatter foot, you may need to raise your foot with a insert for a good fit.

Overall, 5 stars for a costly but excellent boot based on a revolutionary design that should give you many seasons of use.
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Question from Paddy
I love my Aliens, and I'm thinking about making the leap to the 1.0's. My question is how "punchable" the toe box is in the 1.0? I have a fairly wide foot and had to push the shell in my regular Aliens probably 3-4mm to have room for my wide feet. I'm having a hard time discerning where the carbon extends in the lower of the 1.0...
Answer from jbo
Hi Paddy, the carbon is contained in the 3 triangles below the cuff rivet. You can pretty much have your way with the rest.
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Question from JP
Just curious if size/fit is similar between alien vs alien 1.0? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi JP, yes the lower shells are the same shape. The liners are different which can change the feel a bit.
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Question from Kerry
Is the boot sole length the same on Alien and Alien 1.0 for the mondo 30?
Also, how can I get the frayed cable on my Aliens replaced?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kerry, the BSLs are spec'd the same for the two Alien versions. I've noticed sub-mm differences in certain sizes but nothing that required a re-mount. We will have some official cord in the fall; until then you can use some 3mm accessory cord or maybe give SCARPA a ring (303-998-2895).
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Question from John Burkhart
Hey yo Ski Mo .co!

I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of these for my lovely lady, and was wondering about sizing. She is about a US women's 8 and wears a 24.5 Scarpa TX Pro tele boot which fits well. What size do you think would work best for her? I don't think width will be a problem for her in this boot, her foot is pretty similar in width along its length (as opposed to wedge-shaped). Thank you very much. I'm interested in either the Alien or Alien 1.0 for her.
Answer from jbo
Hi John, she would almost certainly be a 25. These run a bit short so that should fit her well. Note it's the same sizing for both the 1.0 and 0.0 versions.
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Question from steve sellers
what's the liner weight for alien? Alien 1?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, the Alien size 27 liner is 166 grams (5.9 ounces) and the 1.0 version is 111 grams (3.9 ounces).
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by Randolph R (used product regularly)
Using the Alien 1.0 boots is life changing. When you hear about increased ankle mobility and increased freedom of movement blah blah blah it sounds like hyperbolic marketing tripe - but the 1.0 is the real deal. when I put them on it is hard to tell the difference from my trail running shoes. at 800g these babies are super lite. However, it's when you first get moving on skis that you really feel the difference. Zero ankle/shin resistance is a liberating feeling. It is hard to explain the immediate affect this has - less resistance, greater range of motion, longer strides, faster cadence, more speed, more vertical, more skiing. All of a sudden your blazing past everyone. Also, bootpacking or scrambling on ridges I can move with a lot more speed and confidence than I can in my TLT 5's (which are already pretty awesome) - the Aliens have a sensitive feeling like wearing a sneaker. Now all this isn't necessarily revolutionary. There are a lot of great race boots on the market that feel very similar. However, where the Aliens differ in my perspective is skiability. The carbon cuff on these guys makes for a stiff ride that can handle way more than most people might think to use them for. I would say that these stiffer than my very very very used TLT 5 Pro boots. I have no reservations about skiing at speed or in steep / exposed places with them. It wasn't even a matter of getting used to them, for me the boots were just that confidence inspiring on the downhill. Also - compared to other similar boots on the market with a carbon lower boot, the plastic outer on the Aliens adds a lot of durability. I've been kicking around in the mountains for about two months with these guys now and there are few signs of wear. As other reviews has mentioned the fact that in deeper snow conditions snow finds its way between the gaps between the boot shell and liner creating little ice patches is a bummer. Also a bummer is that Scarpa charges additional dough for their hard to get gators (though skimo.co has them!) - the gators work well enough but I have concerns about their longterm durability. I find most of the time I don't bother with the gators and just go hard. I think the payoff in speed, confidence, and freedom of movement is well worth the relatively minor downsides mentioned elsewhere. I love this boot and think that once you use it you won't want to use anything else. As a note - I use these with the Movement Goldfish-X and I am very happy with the combination for both racing and technical ski mountaineering.
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by Stano Skintrack (used product a few times)
I did about 7 sessions on the Aliens 1.0 now and I am happy with the boots so far but will update this review once I use them more. They feel (are) a bit larger overall than Dynafit or Pierre Gignoux boots but weight wise they feel great - I have size 28 and they are 746g/boot. Walk mode feels as good as my old first generation Gignoux and cuff feels stiffer in a forward lean than on those Gignoux.

One thing I am still solving is a bit too much vertical space for my foot, but I have this with most ski boots. I put in thicker insoles and that does a fairly good job, and the side benefit is they don't feel as stiff/hard on the bottom of my feet as with just the supplied liner. My personal wish is that manufacturers put more padding on the bottom of their race liners :)
Reply from Stano Skintrack
Forgot something:
I don't know what Scarpa is thinking but they don't include the gaiters with these $1800 boots! They are selling them separate for $80! I am just gonna wait to get them somewhere as a draw prize then ;)
Reply from jbo
Stano, pick a number between 1 and 3. If you guess the one I have written down, you win the prize!
Reply from Stano Skintrack
It must be 2, that's the only number between 1 and 3 :)
No need to do this should I guessed correctly ;)
Reply from jbo
You must have cheated but I will send you a gaiter anyway.
Reply from Stano Skintrack
Jason, thank you very much, it is much appreciated! Maybe don't send, I am coming for Powder Keg so maybe we can spill some beer on them before you present them to me.
Reply from jbo
OK but if you finish between places 1 and 3 in the Powder Keg individual race then I am rescinding the offer. Too suspicious.
Reply from Stano Skintrack
In all humbleness I don't think that will happen this year ;)
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