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Similar to a stress-free childhood, the fit provided by boot liners, being made from compressible foam, will come to an end. Not a fan of the stresses of adulthood and worn-out boot liners, Zipfit created the GFT Touring liner, which promises to lock in the good memories of a well-fitting boot, for a lifetime. With the utilization of cork instead of foam, the GFT will take some time to break in. Once they do, however, they continue to provide a supportive and comfortable fit, without losing their hard-fought shape. When properly taken care of, Zipfit liners have been reported to outlast multiple sets of boot shells, for year after year of reliable performance. The neoprene toe box happily conforms to a variety of foot shapes while the combination of merino wool and Thinsulate provides enough insulation without being suffocatingly hot during spring laps. With its performance fit, the GFT Liner comes with less OMFit cork installed than other Zipfit liners, though it is always possible to add more if need be. Providing excellent heel hold and consistent performance that will last for many years, the GFT allows you to focus on skiing and have a G.F.Time.

  • Constructed with a flexible Neoprene toe box that accommodates many different widths of feet.
  • Merino wool and Thinsulate material in the toe box keep your tootsies toasty warm for days when temps are frosty.
  • Integrated laces and power straps help secure and stabilize the foot within the liner.
  • Three adjustable cork pouches in each liner allow for a precise and performance-driven fit.
  • Rear flex panel and two additional flex points offer adequate articulation in most touring boots.
  • Consistent performance that will easily outlast multiple pairs of boot shells.
  • Long-lasting performance provides a better cost-per-use ratio relative to other higher-end liners.

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Model: GFT Touring

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