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La Sportiva RSR Adjustment Plate


Add some fore/aft flexibility to your La Sportiva RSR bindings with heel adjustment plates. These will give you 40mm to play with, greatly reducing the risk of an improper mount and allowing you to change boots in the future. The adjustment accommodates a range of about 4 mondo sizes at a price of 30 grams including screws.

  • Anodized Ergal® 7075 alumium with an extra refined grain makes this the lightest version of these plates.
  • Acts as a platform for your boot heel when skinning the flats, avoiding calf stress caused by a negative ramp angle.
  • Also works with Ski Trab TR-Race (33mm range) and Hagan ZR (30mm range) binding heels.
  • Measures 100mm by 40mm by 5mm.

Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for ATK’s straightforward R01 adjustment plate, at a fairly minimal penalty for cost, weight, and heel>toe delta.
For details, see my review at Skimo's listing for the Hagan rebranded version.
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A OK (downright abused product)
For those who own multiple pairs of boots with different bsl's and want to be able to use any and all of them with a single pair of skis, the adjustment plates offer an easy, practical solution. The weight penalty for this convenience is barely worth noting, it's minimal.

My sole concern was whether the outer 'arms' might bend under torque and allow the nuts to slip while tightening the screws down. Nope. And I've tightened and loosened my bindings a bunch of times to adjust them for different sizes of boots.

Ok, I did also wonder whether I'd have any issues if I aired out a rock and landed on these things; they appear slightly diminutive. No problems there either, no warping, nothing. I've got 60+ days on them and they're still treating me right.

Only other thing to note is that it's somewhat difficult to get the screws into the nuts if you remove them fully. (the nuts remain beneath the runners until the binding is removed from the ski) During adjustments, loosen, but don't remove them..
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Model: RSR Plate

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