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Movement Alp Tracks 95 Ski

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Many of history's greatest thinkers (Plato, Socrates, and 50 Cent alike) have asked in a variety of ways the same question; “Why mess with a good thing?” It is even reported Socrates went to his deathbed without ever finding an answer to this all-encompassing question. Tragic! Well, the Swiss philosophers masquerading as engineers at Movement have at long last stumbled upon the answer, which is ... to make it better, of course! With the Alp Tracks 95, Movement has improved on the much-loved platform of the Alp Tracks 94 by flattening the tail and elongating the camber compared with its predecessor. The addition of a carbon layup allows this ski to charge downhill with the fury of boards twice their weight, while the use of Movement's race-grade edges maintains the hard-snow prowess that the Swiss brand boasts with every ski. If you take the time to prep your bases they should at least have the courtesy to hold on to wax and not cut like hot butter when you hit those thin patches of snow. To accommodate our needs, Movement has opted to use a P-Tex 5000 base, which strikes a great balance of workhorse grade materials with high wax retention. As a versatile performer that sparks creative thinking among even the most jaded of ski tourers, the Alp Tracks 95 is the inspirational lightning strike your ski life has been waiting for.

  • Unique VA-Tech tips have rubber & fiberglass to help absorb vibration.
  • Ultralight Karuba wood core helps to keep the grams at bay.
  • All carbon construction utilizes a manual finishing process.
  • DPR-Ti (Double Plate Reinforcement) anchors the binding to the ski.
  • Race Edge tuning holds up to icy conditions without weighing you down.
  • P-Tex 5000 base boasts high impact resistance.
  • Radius Controlled Shaping helps keep ski characteristics consistent between different ski lengths.

Update 2022/23: This beloved ski has received a topsheet makeover as well as "renamed" length options (Movement added 1cm to each length descriptor). The ski itself has not physically changed.

Lengths (cm) 161, 170, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1105g [161]
1150g [170]
1220g [178]
1275g [185]
Weight (pair) 2210g [161]
2300g [170]
2440g [178]
2550g [185]
Dimensions   127-95-111 [161]
130-95-114 [170]
132-95-116 [178]
134-95-118 [185]
Turn Radius   17.5m [161]
18.0m [170]
18.5m [178]
19.0m [185]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Mild tip rocker, flat tail
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius and tapered tail (less tapered than the Alp Tracks 94)
Construction   Carbon cap with mini sidewalls
Core   Ultralight Karuba
Skimo Co Says
Usage All Mountain ski - powder, corn or high speed arcing
Notes Stiff carbon layup with a very nice shape
Bottom Line The best all around touring ski just got better
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Pawel
Which bindings would you recomend for this skis + scarpa f1lt.
Thanks in advance
Answer from Brett S
Hey Pawel, please fill out our binding finder so we can better help you out!
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Question from WCJ
Minor detail question, is the longest length 183 or 185? Drop down says 185 and the specs say 183.
Answer from Tristan M

Good question! The longest length is 185cm. We have updated our listing for consistency. Thank you for the catch!
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Question from Justin G
Hey SkimoCo, I am thinking about these skis or the Blizzard 0G-95s for an all around touring ski in the PNW. They will be paired with a Scarpa F1LT (or similar), any input which ski would preform better with this boot combo and in variable conditions of the NW?

Answer from Will McD
Hi Justin,
The Blizzard 0G's have a stiffer flex than the Alp Tracks which have a softer tip to help with float. The Zero G's are hard-chargers that excel at volcano skiing and spring mountaineering while the Alp Tracks are more of a jack-of-all-trades, though they will be less stable at higher speeds. Either ski should pair well with the F1 LT category of boots, though the Blizzards are more likely to get away from you if you falter keeping them reined and controlled; however, when adequately driven, they become a powerful tool for getting around the mountains and bagging objectives.
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Question from Annie
Hi Team!

I've been pondering the Movement Alp Tracks 95 vs the Voile Hyper Vector. What are your thoughts on ski performance and style of each of these skis?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Annie, thanks for the question! While these two skis may share the same category of a "touring" ski they do differ a fair amount. The Alp Tracks 95 is a pretty solid "expert" level ski, meaning it's relatively stiff yet damp and wants to be turned at higher speeds. The Hyper Vector on the other hand will have softer more rounded flex and a higher turning radius which leads nicely to a variety of turns and being more forgiving overall. So in short, depending on your skill level either ski could be an excellent choice but the Movement Alp Tracks 95 will just require a bit more input to get the most out of it. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Chris
I (about 6'2", 205lbs ) am looking for a one-quiver ski for CO perhaps bent more toward the direction of skiing steeps in Spring but should should also respectably handle variable conditions on lower angle during mid-Winter. I think the Alp Tracks 95 would fit the bill, but I am having a hard time justifying the high price. I am also considering the Blizzard Zero G 95 (not too keen on the obnoxious colors), and Atomic Backlands 95 - both of which appear to slot similarly to the Alp Tracks, weigh close-enough to the same, and, most importantly, cost almost $450 less. I'd be willing to foot the bill if the Alp Tracks ski that much better (understanding my ability is probably the limiting factor here - not the ski) and/or have superior durability that would allow a longer useful lifespan. What do you think - are these skis really worth it over the others? Any other ski suggestions?
Answer from Jeremy L
Excellent questions, Chris. Having owned variations of all these skis, (ZeroG 95, Alp Tracks-Backlands in 100mm widths) I'd thought I'd answer this. Let's just take the Blizzard out of the equation because of the obnoxious colors and lesser soft snow performance. Between the Movement and the Atomic, I think the Backland is going to handle variable snow better, is a bit friendlier, and the lower price tag doesn't hurt either. The Alp Tracks are a pleasure on the up, superb skiing when at speed, and the price tag is definitely worth it if you want a ski that will grow with your abilities.
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Audra S (used product a few times)
(Addition to my one liner review since the first one failed to save it all).

These skis are magic! Originally, I contemplated waiting to submit a review, until I have skied more than a handful of times on the Movement 95 Alp Tracks, except I have been enjoying them soooo much I could not wait any longer to share my thoughts. Okay, I might be a little overzealous as I have been skiing on heavy tele-gear for the last 20+ years. My knees are certainly grateful for the change. I have also noticed that I am more self confident in tight trees, and I want to go on longer tours, with more laps.

These skis are versatile and responsive, in varied snow conditions. I have skied them in powder, wind damaged and sun damaged snow. These skis carve through it all. Wow! They make me giddy. The graphics are very appealing to the eye, too. Bottom line, I believe Movement has created a beautiful ski with it all: performance, function and looks.

Skimo Co helped me find this perfect set up. Thank you!
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Audra S (used product a few times)
These skis are magic!
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Question from Charlie Singer
Would you recommend this ski or the Movement Alps 100? I am looking to pair with BD Helio 200 LTs (open to suggestion there if you'd recomment something else) and with Fischer Travers boot but want to make sure the boots aren't too overpowered by the ski.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Charlie, neither ski will overpower the Fischer Travers boot. However, if you're looking for something that is going to be more of an all condition/all-terrain ski the 95 will be the better choice of the two as it will be more maneuverable in rougher snow conditions.
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Model: Alp Tracks LTD 95 MPN: MOV-A-20083

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