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Libero is Italian for free.

Free you will be on the Libero ski.

Free to roam the mountains with impunity.

Backed by Trab’s three year warranty.

Unrivalled in the industry.

This ski is for thee.

But seriously, the Libero is a great ski, near the top of the class in weight, skiing, and affordability. The Attivo progressive shape makes it versatile, with a progressive flex tip for deep snow and a rigid center and tail for hard pack. The wood core is wrapped in carbon fiber for stability, and the split tail offers steering precision. It comes with the all Trab signature finishing touches, sharpened edges and a sintered, textured base.

  • Liwood Fiber Box Core technology is a carbon fiber torsion box around a light wood core.
  • Hot rolled cold steel edges are 52 on the Rockwell hardness scale, meaning they last.
  • Wood core has air canals cut out to give an impressive weight, just 1080g in the 171.
  • Quadriaxial cap construction secures the innards with four directions of strength.
  • Attivo progressive shape and flex is an integrated design that works in variable snow.
  • Sintered bases are very hard to withstand abuse and textured to make them fly.
  • Edges are pre-tuned so you can rely on them out of the box in sketchy terrain.
  • Duo Tech tails are split to allow easy flex when turning while able to hold a straight line.
  • Attivo skin fixing system is easy to use with gloves and offers a secure hold.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
965g [157]
1020g [164]
1060g [171]
1115g [178]
Weight (pair) 1930g [157]
2040g [164]
2120g [171]
2230g [178]
Dimensions   107-77-94 [157]
107-76.5-94 [164]
107-76-94 [171]
107-75-94 [178]
Turn Radius   18.4m [157]
19.1m [164]
19.9m [171]
21.9m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo tip & tail clips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Camber with gently rising tip
Shape   Smooth fish tip & radius, Duo swallow tail
Construction   Liwood fiber core box
Core   Paulownia w/ hard wood sides
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering
Notes 3 year warranty
Bottom Line Trab progressive design in affordable package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Silvia S
hi, they are suitable for hard snow?
Answer from Nate
Hi Silvia, the dimensions and profile of this ski definitely make it favorable for harder snow than many other selections. I personally would be very happy to ski this ski in hard and challenging conditions.
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Question from Brendan
Im 6'4'' and looking for a light setup for this year. Im wondering if I should be looking at something else that is made in a longer size or the 178cm skis will be long enough for me. I know this can be a pretty personal answer but is the reason they dont make a longer ski because there is no need for the purpose of the ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brendan, length is often dependent on usage and yes, a longer one is not really needed for the intended purpose of the Libero. Give us a shout with your weight and application and we'll help you find something that will work.
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Question from Jared

I am a intermediate advanced skier, 5' 10" 180lbs and looking to ski with a multi day pack. I am wearing dynafit tlt7 is this a good pairing ski compared to the Blizzard 0g 85 or the Dynafit 7 summits. Going to be on corn, slush and ice. What length and ski would you recommend?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jared, in your shoes I'd get the 7 summits 179. It will be supportive of your size with pack and be fairly forgiving in the mixed conditions.
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Question from landis
Looking for a ski for spring conditions, and a chance to try true lightweight skis. I am 5'11", 170 lb., and an intermediate skier. Would the Libero be a good fit for me in the available length (178cm)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Landis, these are great in corn conditions often found in spring. They hold an edge on icier stuff too. Somewhat of a speed limit, but easy to turn and fun overall.
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Question from eric
I have finally skied out my old Free Randos. Absolutely loved that ski, responsive had a nice rebound and liked to be driven. Specs look very similar with the Libero but are they responsive like the Free Randos? The other ski I have liked over the years id the Vokl Snow Wolf, never have liked riding a ski prefer to drive them. Is the Libero the reincarnation of the Free Randos?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, these are a bit softer than the Free Randos and may not give you the full response that you're used to.
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cogbox (used product regularly)
This is my second season on these and I love them.

For such an incredibly light ski they hold an edge well and generally behave very predictably everywhere I've taken them -- from packed resort, steeps, chutes, pow, trees. They've been my primary ski unless it gets really deep, in which case a little more float would be nice. The weight (or lack of) is like having a shoe on your foot, which feels great as the day goes on. I expected some loss of performance to get something this light, but I don't feel it, they're great. Only caveat is that I am on the smaller/lighter side (5'9 / 140#) so maybe a big guy would have a different experience.

The pre-cut skins are also light and very easy to quickly remove with one hand without removing your skis.
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