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A ski made in North American called the Super Maximo would probably be 200mm wide. But this Ski Trab model is Italian so it measures less than half of that. And Super it is, with impressive float and steering due to the Low Omega Profile design. That means the thickness and flex varies along the length of the ski, offering stiffening edge hold in some areas and maneuverable flex in others. This makes turn initiation and exit a breeze. The Super Maximo is designed with the popular Attivo shape and swallow tail that makes Trab skis so well-rounded. They are light yet built tough with a multi-layer carbon & wood sandwich wrapped in a 3-year warranty. These skis will win hearts and minds worldwide.

  • Offered as a stiffer “80” flex for bigger skiers, or “70” for lighter skiers.
  • Attivo shape is a tapered tip & tail and a medium sidecut for all-round touring.
  • Low Omega Profile is a thickness and flex variation integrated with the shape.
  • LiWood box means a quadraxial carbon-wrapped wood core that is light yet damp.
  • DuoTech tails help with turn entry and exit yet remain true when straight.
  • Sintered bases and micro-finished HRC steel edges are Trab’s specialty.
Lengths (cm) 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1320g [171]
1370g [178]
1420g [185]
Weight (pair) 2640g [171]
2740g [178]
2840g [185]
Sidecut   127-96-116 [171]
127-96-116 [178]
127-94-116 [185]
Turn Radius   18.5m [171]
20.5m [178]
20.9m [185]
Skin Fix   Attivo tip & tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Low Omega Profile
Shape   Attivo progressive shape
Construction   LiWood box
Core   Light wood w/ air canals
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-round touring
Notes 3 year warranty
Bottom Line Trab's big gun
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Shaun S
Is the Super Maximo 178 in the 80 flex too stiff for me? I'm 63, weigh 160 but I ski hard and fast on the downhill.
Answer from Lrow
Hi Shaun,

A competent skier who likes having superb edge hold and going fast will find the 80 flex makes for a snappy ski that can handle pushing into aggressive turns and high speeds. '80' flex is certainly better suited to larger skiers but can also be used effectively by other skiers who have a more aggressive style.

Only you can know how comfortable or risky you want to be with your experience and years in skiing. If you have skied comfortably with a very stiff ski before, I say have at it! There's nothing wrong though with going to a lower flex like the '70', which will provide for a more friendly ski in a larger range of conditions. Hope this helps!
Answer from Shaun S
Great info, I’m going for it, thanks!
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Ronaldo (used product regularly)
I took a pair of the 178/80s on a hut trip to Canada and could not have been happier with their performance. They are not super floaty plush skis with rocker tips. They are snappy, traditional cambered, fast turning powder machines on the down and the up. They hold excellent edge and perform very well at speed. The integrated skins from skitrab make transitions a breeze. I love these skis.
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Question from steve
How do these compare to The DPS Whaler 99? I'm looking for a mid season ski to work in a variety of conditions.
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, these are going to be a bit more of an all-condition ski, whereas the Wailers are best in powder and crud. The Trabs have better carving ability but less floatation versus the heavily rockered DPS. A really good all-mountain ski. They also can use the tip-rip system for skins which is nice.
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Question from steve rhinefrank
hi. i have been looking at skis for awhile now. i keep working back to the trab super maximo. it all comes toegeher in these... looks like you are out of stock in the 185/80 flex. any plans to get any more ? i know trab has expanded its LS line to include these, but i really prefer the trab graphics. thanks, steve
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Steve! Excellent ski, I definitely support this choice! Powder skis are awesome, so is Ski Trab, put the two together and you get one of the best skis of all time! No plans to get more in that exact length/flex pattern, however if you're interested I'm happy to put together a special order for you! Could potentially be a few weeks out, but it can definitely happen!
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Model: Super Maximo

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