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Many skiers neglect their ski bases throughout the ski season only giving them the needed maintenance a few times a year, opting for après over ironing and scraping. From the Finnish wax aficionados, Start has created a product that cuts out the most laborious part of waxing. No more ironing or scraping just apply Start SG liquid wax, wait, and brush, easy enough to do at any point of the day even before a dawn patrol. Start SG liquid wax is also a great solution for traveling skiers since it only requires brushing. Brush with the Start Nylon brush and enjoy the ease of Start liquid waxes.

Wax Color Temp Range Celsius

44ºF to 26ºF

7ºC to -3ºC


28ºF to 17ºF

-2ºC to -8ºC


21ºF to 10ºF

-6ºC to -12ºC

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mike B
I've made the switch to liquid glide waxes this year and have been super impressed. My question is could standard (i.e., not skin-specific) liquid glide waxes be applied to skins? It seems to me they might work just as well or perhaps better than conventional methods of waxing skins? Thoughts? Or perhaps the solvent used in the liquid wax might damage the skin?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mike,

We would not recommend it, for the reason you mentioned - there are solvents in them that could damage your plush and glue. Bar wax is still the way to go for skins!
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Will McD (used product a few times)
This is the new age of waxing. No longer is waxing your skis an arduous project, in fact it's hardly a project at all. My typical waxing routine is to decide to wax my skis at around 8pm, sit at my computer desk with a ski on my lap and wipe the wax on, lean them on the wall for five minutes, and then I take them just outside the front door and give them a once-over with a brush (no scraping needed!). The entire process for a pair of skis takes about 7 minutes, and as a result I have found myself actually frequently waxing my skis (as one should be).

It's difficult to understate how life-changing liquid wax is when you have an expansive quiver of oft-used skis that perhaps see less love and maintenance than they deserve.
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Model: SG Liquid Wax

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