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Ultimate Direction Skimo 20 Pack


Ultimate Direction is known for their super lightweight skiing and running packs, and the UD Skimo 20 is no exception. Sized to have enough internal volume for day tours and objectives requiring more than just skis and skins, the Skimo 20 has many of the classic Ultimate Direction features like shoulder strap compartments and a quick access ski hook for fast ski attachment. A hook and loop crampon pocket provides quick access to your spikes or a spare bottle of water, while lightweight mesh shoulder straps vent heat and help you stay sweat-free. Athletes everywhere use UD packs for of their efficient purpose built designs, because when you're in a harsh environment, every bit of effort counts. Rather than using the same boxy canvas pack for all your adventures, streamline your skiing with an Ultimate Direction Skimo 20 pack and see why having more than one pack isn't the end of the world.

  • Huge front storage pocket allows all the storage space you could possibly need for snacks, glasses, cellphones, and more snacks.
  • Ski hooks store out of the way while still being easy to access, and tuck into a flap on the shoulder straps.
  • A smaller stash pocket packs flat when empty and is perfect for trash and other small items.
  • Crampon pocket doubles as an easy access storage pocket for snacks and extra water.
  • T-hook fit system accommodates torsos of all shapes and sizes.
  • Meets ISMF requirements for skimo racing.

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Volume 20L
Access Top and side crampon
Hydration Bottle pocket on strap and reservoir compatible
Ski Carry Ski hook (stores in shoulder strap)
Shovel / Probe In main compartment
Ice Axe Loop and adjustable elastic cord
Stash Pockets On both shoulder straps
Security Pocket No
Team Tether No
Whistle Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring, racing
Notes Skimo specialized pack, with plenty of sport specific features that you'll love
Bottom Line A classic fast-and-light skimo pack
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Questions & Reviews

Doug H (used product a few times)
Pretty cool little pack, definitely a lightweight niche product. They really went with making it as light as possible so get ready for no frills (with the except of a great ski carry system). Like no internal pocket for keys, wallet, or key clip; and very challenging straps and buckles. Just writing this makes me realize I am probably not this pack's ultimate demographic (clue - I don't own a one piece skin suit).

Love the ski carry system = dialed (described well by previous reviewer Eric). Don't like at all the sternum (2x) and waist buckles. the waist fasttech buckle is super tiny - would be challenging to buckle with anything but the lightest gloves. Regarding the two sternum buckles = good luck. Best to do in a warm, well lit room, preferably by someone not wearing the pack, since the "buckles" are plastic hooks that you need to hook onto a tiny daisy chain made of ~2mm cord. Very challenging. Once you get it buckled, no way are you going to want to unbuckle (like to stuff your skins down your jacket at a transition). With all that said, if racing is your thing; this is a good pack.
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Eric (downright abused product)
This is a rather large departure from previous skimo race packs by UD but an exciting one. At ~20L it can carry everything needed for an individual or team race comfortably with the added bonus of up front bottle carriers. The crampon pouch has a wide opening that's easy to open/close and plenty of space for the crampons. A zippered interior shelf allows you to open it up depending on the size of your shovel/probe.

The cinch bottle holder on the left side is great and while I'd prefer a mirror image on the right, it's got a taco shaped zipper pocket for phone etc... The taco shape means it's a single fluid zipper actuation instead of two (like the burrito shape pocket on the SCRAM).

The best feature is the improved ski carry hook system. Old UD packs suffered from a dangling metal hook that threatened to chip a tooth. Much thought went into figuring out a hook that would suck back into its "garage" in a way that wouldn't be annoying and would remain handy.

The pack is definitely lightweight and race oriented so expect edges/bindings to do a bit of damage on the side fabric. If you do a lot of bootpacking, a strip of gorilla tape here is all that's needed. The only other negative so far for me is the long waist belt strap. I cut mine to personal size and had a friend bar tack it.
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