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Finely crafted ski poles like the Vertical Carbon QC have evolved drastically from the rough hewn sticks early humans used, but they still serve the same basic purpose. Lighter, stronger, and more niche-focused, these 100% carbon poles have a low swing weight, quick-change efficient baskets, and comfortable cork grips and adjustable wrist straps. While cavemen used their rough walking sticks for defense from predators, these ultra-lightweight carbon poles are designed for skimo racing and training. Super stiff for maximum power transfer and a really low swing weight means you'll get the most out of your chicken wings. The QC stands for Quick Change, referring to a cool interchangeable basket system, letting you adapt your pokers to the conditions. Whether you're lining up at the starting line of a race or just want to travel fast and light in the backcountry, the Ski Trab Vertical Carbon QC poles have evolved to fit your needs.

  • Kevlar reinforcement helps make these poles more impact resistant that typical carbon poles.
  • A comfortable cork handle absorbs sweat and is soft and tacky to both gloved and bare hands..
  • Vertical wrist strap is comfortable and wraps to smoothly cradle your wrist.

Update 2021/22: New coloring with a splash of blue, AKA the Vertical Carbon QC pole.

Lengths (cm) 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150
convert to ounces
147g [130]
Weight (pair) 294g [130]
Sections 1
Grip Vertical Handle, Cork and Plastic
Basket & Tip QC Quick Change baskets
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   100% Carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforcement
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, training
Notes Cool interchangeable and basket system to adapt to conditions
Bottom Line Adaptable race pole
Compare to other Fixed Length Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jeffrey F
Can these be carefully cut to a more specific length?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jeffrey! These are not intended to be cut. I suppose it'd be possible by removing the grips, but it'd be a fair bit of work as there is not a streamlined approach to doing so with these poles. Thanks!
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Question from Wally Drake
Hello, on the ski Trab Vertical QCPole what is the shape and material of the metal tip?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Wally. It's a race tip (looks like a slanted triangle) and made out of carbide. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Todd F
How are skimo racing poles sized?
Answer from TSB
Hey Todd, very much a personal-preference kind of deal! We see folks going for poles that are anywhere from alpine length +5cm to nordic classic length -5cm. In general I advise folks to go for their classic length (aka shoulder height, including soft-snow insertion) -10 to -15cm. E.g. I'm 188cm tall, run 155 classic poles and use race poles in the 140-145 range depending on the course. But, if you're more comfortable with shorter poles, a little shorter wouldn't hurt too much.
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