Skimo Co





6' 0"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

Recent Posts

Pretty rad pack! I've been using it for light & fast days in the mountains and "race style" traverses. Often a pure race pack won't quite fit the added warm gear or glacier kit needed for a traverse but it's nice not to go to a full-weight touring pack. I haven't compared it to the nylon material version but the dyneema seems to hold up to getting dragged against granite and ski edges as well as being stuffed with crampons and bootpack plates. Sizing is good for carrying day gear and glacier kit. The ski c...
OK - I'll admit I thought these were a gimmick. I have three pair - two provided by Dynafit and one I purchased from I use them with two pairs of BlacklightPro skis, a longer pair set up with beefier bindings for steep skiing and a shorter pair set up with pure race bindings to use as a "backcountry race" ski - think big traverses in the mountains. For each pair of skis, I have a full length speed skin and a PinSkin skin. The advantage of the PinSkin is the glide that is gained from less tail co...
Hey Russell, thanks for reaching out! We likely won't see any size 31 until the fall, but I just set up an inventory alert for you so you'll get an email as soon as we receive them!
Have used the Camp Race 290 (Dyneema) and the Petzl Leopard and now switched to these guys. I think they're currently the best option for racing. Super light, decent size points. Toe is fairly adjustable. The only caveat is you have to set it REALLY tight. Like way tighter than it feels like you should. And try running around in them on firm snow before racing. Seriously - adjust them well!
These are pretty awesome. I ended up with a 172cm instead of a 178 which affected my usage a bit. Once I realized they were essentially like a bigger, much more capable race ski, I really got the best out of them. Of course, they won't charge through crud like a Beast ski but for ski mountaineering, they are great. They're very light, very snappy and responsive, and burly enough that you can ski a bit faster than you would on a pure race ski. Pair them with a race binding and you've got something you real...

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