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Sometimes skin hardware gets tired and needs to be replaced. Below, you will find hardware for Voile skins that will allow your joyful partnership to continue.

Hyperglide Tail Hook x1 - Replacement tail hook designed to work with the new (23/24) Voile strap tail system.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Crispin Prahl
Greetings : A pesky question. Will the orange Voile Tail Straps ($11.95/pair, no hardware included) fit and function in the user-applied (with 3 rivets), half-moon-shaped, tail hardware that is standard on a BD STS tail clip system? Please compare and comment on the thickness of the rubber stopper-flange that is retained/sandwiched by the half-moon-shaped clamp plates. Is the thickness of the rubber roughly the same?

I am retro-fittting a short-ish (175cm ski) BD nylon skin to a longer (185 cm) ski, and need extra length in the tail strap system. Sadly, the BD STS tail strap leaves insufficient length for making such minor adjustments to longer skis.

Thanks for your input, observations, and/or suggestions.

Crispin (Seattle)
Answer from Nate
Hi Crispin, I've compared the two straps in the fitting provided by Black Diamond. The Voile strap is narrower and not as thick as the Black Diamond (particularly in the area inside the tail hardware.) Unfortunately, I think this strap will be a poor replacement for the BD strap.
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