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Open it, shake it, and let your worries dissolve away as the heat builds up. With a 5-year lifespan, these hand-warmers heat up to 135°F (57°C) and are odorless, battery-free, and have a place in every backcountry skiers backpack. The air-activated formula fits well in most gloves and mittens, and provides several hours of artificial heat. Placing the hand warmer into an overmitt pouch on lightweight race-style gloves also yields good results. The Yaktrax Hand Warmers let you get away with more dexterous gloves. Each packet includes a pair of ambidextrous warmers.

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Ryan S (used product regularly)
I always keep a pack of these on me. They work surprisingly well for such a simple thing! In an emergency, having a source of heat can make a world of difference and these are the simplest way to get some blood flowing in those extremities!
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