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Open it, shake it, and let your worries dissolve away as the heat builds up. With a 5-year lifespan, these hand-warmers heat up to 135°F (57°C) and are odorless, battery-free, and have a place in every backcountry skiers backpack. The air-activated formula fits well in most gloves and mittens, and provides several hours of artificial heat. Placing the hand warmer into an overmitt pouch on lightweight race-style gloves also yields good results. The Yaktrax Hand Warmers let you get away with more dexterous gloves. Each packet includes a pair of ambidextrous warmers.

Questions & Reviews

Mike (used product a few times)
These are crap, didn’t last a hours and turned my hands black! And my pockets were black from these. Get what you pay for. Tried once will not get again
Reply from jbo
Hi Mike, thanks for sharing. Perchance they were expired? Where and when did you buy them?
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Benski (used product regularly)
Love these little hand warmers because you don’t have to remember to recharge them, and they’re light enough that you forget the weight.

Please though remember to pack these out. Picking up too many little bits of charcoal after these break isn’t good for the soul.
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Ryan S (used product regularly)
I always keep a pack of these on me. They work surprisingly well for such a simple thing! In an emergency, having a source of heat can make a world of difference and these are the simplest way to get some blood flowing in those extremities!
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