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We all try to save weight on those crazy long days with long, technical approaches. Water? Who needs it? Fuel? Meh...Now you can leave your shovel shaft behind without putting your partners at risk with Black Diamond's LT Transfer shovel blade. You will however need to bring along a Venom Classic LT axe, but you'll need that anyway for that crazy booter. The two together combine like Voltron to create a high functioning shovel that you can rely on should things go awry. The axe shaft works seamlessly with the asymmetric blade attachment for easy, near fool-proof assembly. The blade itself is riveted for a lightweight yet durable build. This engineering also allows for a thinner blade that more easily cuts through compacted snow. Take only what you need, leave behind only what you can afford to, Black Diamond's LT Transfer shovel blade allows you to do just that.

  • 7075AL riveted blade is lightweight and durable.
  • 550 cm2 blade volume is useful for moving large amounts of snow, fast.
  • Compatible with Transfer Shovel, Venom LT Tech, and Venom LT Classic
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Materials   7075 Aluminium
Blade Dimensions (550 cm2)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Digging
Notes Compatible with Transfer Shovel, Venom LT Classic, and Venom LT Tech
Bottom Line Minimalist set-up for technical days

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