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In the lifetime of an avalanche shovel, how many times will it be used to uncover a buried person? Hopefully, if you take the proper precautions and have a bit of good luck, never. Ideally, this shovel will be used for more mundane tasks, like digging your stuck car out of a snowbank, building a sick jump, or scooping the occasional doggie surprise. However, if misfortune (or poor decision making) does lead to an encounter with the avalanche monster, the Mammut Alugator Pro Light is the shovel you want in hand. With a functional T-hand grip, a sturdy shaft, and a solid and wide blade, you'll be able to move all the snow you need. A flat-backed blade cuts straight and clean snow pits, while the lightweight anodized aluminum Mammut used to make this shovel is light enough for functional backcountry travel. Don't compromise when it comes to your avalanche rescue gear-- solid, functional equipment makes a world of difference when lives are on the line. The Mammut Alugator Pro Light shovel won't let you down, whether you're scooping surprises or performing a real-time rescue.

  • The blade is made of anodized, hardened aluminum, and has a space-saving profile that doesn't hog space in your pack.
  • Cutouts in the blade can be used to turn it into a snow anchor or sled (and shave a couple of grams off the total weight, too).
  • An oval shape in the telescopic shaft adds rigidity and makes assembly foolproof.
  • Shovel is 61cm long when collapsed, and is 86cm long when extended.
  • UIAA 156 avalanche shovel standard.
  • Blade is 27.5cm tall and 24cm wide.
  • Shaft is 44cm when collapsed.

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Shaft Length 44-68cm
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Anodized aluminum
Blade Dimensions 23.5cm x 27.5cm (646.25cm²)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Avalanche rescue, sick jump building, snow study
Notes Orange shaft eliminates any potential visibility issues
Bottom Line A serious avalanche rescue shovel
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Model: Alugator Pro Light

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