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Transfer lots of snow while your partners are green with envy. This Envy Green Transfer LT shovel from Black Diamond is a lightweight, all-aluminum backcountry shovel that values both weight and durability. The riveted blade design let BD engineers keep the metal thin so it can slice through set-up avalanche debris. Strategically placed holes drop weight without affecting the 550cm2 volume of snow it can move with each scoop. A telescoping handle ranges between 56-76cm in total length in a structural shape. The T-handle grip is ambidextrous so you can work both your arms while training or panicking. The BD Transfer LT is a fast and light tourer's dream shovel.

  • UIAA certified shovel is both weight conscious and high performing.
  • 7075AL aluminum blade is low weight and durable due to the riveted design.
  • Telescoping shaft ranges from 56-76cm in length to easily fit in your pack but provide power when it matters.
  • 550cm2 surface area won't tire you out while you move plenty of snow.
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Shaft Length 56-76cm
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum
Blade Dimensions 26cm x 21.5cm
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast and light touring
Notes Riveted blade keeps the metal thin for slicing
Bottom Line Uber light with durability that gives you piece of mind
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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Public confession of excitement over a few trivial ounces of static weight savings for a shovel might be embarrassing, but I’m willing to risk that in exchange for the broader benefit to the public from my diligent reporting.

Starting off with the reality check, my original-generation Voile XLM all-metal shovel about two decades ago weighed only about an ounce-and-a-half ounces more than this. But the shaft on that model was exceedingly short. And an old BCA Tour shovel of about that vintage and about that weight was also quite miniature.

This BD model though is truly full-sized: both the blade and the assembled shaft length. Yet the blade is “neck-less” so exceedingly easy to stow in your pack (i.e., unlike some of the competition).

Quibbles? The shaft is a little bit rattly when inserted into the blade, but that also means that assembly is easy, even if clogged with snow. When the shaft is stowed, the compressed length is not locked in place, so in theory it could telescope on its own, although the button (correct term?) is eager to engage, so that the two sections are highly unlikely to separate. The small plastic T handle is not offset, so probably not a good shovel choice if you’re into wearing bulky mittens (which you’re probably not into anyways if you’re into saving ounces on your shovel).

Overall, truly a wonder that BD came up with this no-compromises design (see utterly trivial quibbles above) while sticking to standard materials (i.e., no carbon or titanium) and hence a reasonable price. You could use this as your shovel for everything, from pit work to skimo races.
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Ryan (used product a few times)
So far, I love this shovel. Light weight, and doesn't feel like I'm giving up anything. Great blade size/depth. Quick assembly. Handle extends to very reasonable length. Fits in most packs with ease. Similar weight to Arva Plume, but I would feel confident going into a rescue with this shovel.
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