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If you’ve ever thought to yourself “man, it’d be really cool if I could use my ice axe as a shovel handle,” you’re not alone. For years, weight and space-minded ski mountaineers have fantasized about the mythical ice axe that acted as a shovel handle. If you’re anything like us, you may have even tried all sorts of axe and shovel blade combinations, but haven't been satisfied. Alas, Black Diamond has come to the rescue again in the form of the Venom Classic LT. This UIAA and CE-certified axe is built for ultralight versatility in the mountains, with its athletic weight, replaceable pick and spike, and ability to “add on” a hammer. Perhaps most impressive is its ability to mate with the Black Diamond Transfer Shovel Blade, negating the need to bring both a heavy shovel handle and an ice axe. If your words of affirmation include “versatile,” “functional,” and “light,” the Venom Classic LT is for you.

  • Hammer, Tech Pick, Adjustable Pommel, and Transfer Shovel Blade Compatible make this a Transformer of an axe.
  • Replaceable steel Hot Forged Classic LT Pick and steel spike so go ahead, knock the snot out of it.
  • Grooved Aluminum shaft for extra grip.
  • CE and UIAA certified.
Lengths (cm) 45
convert to ounces
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Hot forged pick, aluminum head and adze, aluminum shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering, ski mountaineering
Notes Transfer shovel blade compatible
Bottom Line Light and versatile mountaineering axe
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Questions & Reviews

CDB (hasn't used product)
I already had the Black Diamond Alpine Avy Safety Set with the Transfer LT shovel, so when I needed an ice axe this was a natural choice. I haven’t used it yet but the weight is very reasonable and the build quality is solid. I like that I don’t have to worry about damaging the replaceable pick.
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Question from Brent
Do you all know if this works with the Transfer shovel? Not the Transfer LT but the basic Transfer model.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Brent,

I do not believe this would work with the standard Transfer shovel. Looking at the Transfer shovel blade and shaft, it locks with the button in a different position (on the side) compared to the Transfer LT which has it on the back (which is how the axe interfaces with it as well). So I don't think they would line up and function as intended.
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Question from Dominic
Would a Petzl Trigrest fit one of these? Or have you guys tried the trigrest with any other BD axes?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Dominic! The shaft of the Venom is thicker and more angled than the Petzl axes so it may be better to stick with the manufacturer-specific accessory. To my knowledge, no one here uses the Trigrest with this or any other BD axe.
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Question from Bjorn
What is the weight of Transfer LT Shovel blade? As a weight weenie, am interested in knowing how much I will save going with the Venom + the Shovel blade.
Answer from Patrick C

I just weighed one of the Transfer LT shovel blades and it clocked in at 204g. Hope this helps!
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