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The Venom LT Tech Axe has a few tricks up its sleeve, and it’s sure to impress even the most curmudgeonly Black Diamond fans. Strip off the pommel and hammer attachments, swap out the pick (not included), and you’ve got yourself a svelte Venom LT Classic Axe. But that's just act one! Now grab a Transfer LT Shovel Blade, insert the axe shaft as a handle, and the tool shapeshifts into avy gear before your eyes. An impressive show of transformation! In its stock configuration, the Venom LT Tech Axe is right at home in ski mountaineering or general alpine environments. The ergonomic forged aluminum head, grooved shaft, and steel spike provide plenty of purchase on committing routes. Eliminate redundant equipment in your pack with Black Diamond's Venom LT Tech tool, then forge ahead bolder and lighter.

  • Swappable hot-forged Tech LT Pick will take some use and abuse and come out smiling.
  • Steel spike can plunge into just about anything and is replaceable if necessary.
  • Forged aluminum head and hammer attachment provides versatility to tackle most objectives.
  • Functions as a shovel handle with the Transfer LT Shovel Blade, freeing up valuable pack space.
  • Comes with and adjustable pommel for security when picking your way up a tight coulie.
  • Removeable hammer attachment for pounding or adding pick weight.

Removeable hammer and pommel weigh 44g and 18g respectively.

Lengths (cm) 45
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Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Hot forged pick, aluminum head and adze, aluminum shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering and some alpine routes
Notes Can be paired with the Transfer LT Shovel blade
Bottom Line Versatile tool for ski mountaineering
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Will
If you had to pick between this and the petzl gully which would you pick? No pun intended…
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Will,

Depends on your use case - the Venom is a great option if you want to have some modularity - you can swap the pick, remove the hammer, and of course have the option of using it as a shovel handle. If you don't need those features, the Gully is simple and reliable.

So to answer your question, ME specifically I'd go with the simplicity of the Gully, as I don't have much need for the extra features of the Venom. But I'm sure for lots of folks the Venom makes more sense.

Just choose based on the color.
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Model: Venom LT Tech UPC: 793661537281

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