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Everybody drops their keys, phone, or wallet on a near-daily basis (if not, you're probably from the same planet as Elon Musk). Usually, the consequences of this mistake go as far as muttering 'silly me' under your breath, bending over to pick up your dropped possessions, and continuing on with your day. However, you'll pay a steeper price (pun intended) than that if you drop your ice axe in any terrain that axes are typically used in. Seeing as many serious ski mountaineers and climbers use their ice axes about as often as they use their shower, this sliding axe pommel from Blue Ice fills a very obvious hole in any skiers kit. Removable, durable, adjustable, and easy to use, this pommel can be used to help grip the axe shaft while climbing and offers a convenient anchor point when building snow anchors. This pommel can be slid all the way up to the head or down to the very bottom of the shaft, and is fast and simple to adjust while remaining reliable and durable. Don't risk dropping your gear-- get the Blue Ice Sliding Pommel and never drop your axe again.

  • A hinged screw at the base of the adjustment lever allows you to tailor the tension of the lever to suit your preferences.
  • Made from impact modified nylon and stainless steel.
  • Will work with all Blue Ice piolets.
  • Made in Taiwan.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Sophia
Any idea how this fits on a Grivel Ghost?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Sophia. We don't carry Grivel axes so aren't able to test that. These are meant to fit Blue Ice products and have an inner dimension of 31.5mm x 21.5mm.
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Question from Kurt Williams
does those this product fit the BD Raven Ultra?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kurt, while we don't have the Raven Ultra around to test fit, this pommel is designed to work with Blue Ice axes which are around 31.5mm x 21.2mm.
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Question from vat
anyone tried this on a CAMP or PETZL axe?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Vat. These are designed to work with Blue Ice axes, but we have heard of some folks using them on the Petzl Ride/Gully. The CAMP axes seem to have a smaller shaft cross section, so this Blue Ice sliding pommel does not grip securely.
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Question from Nick M
Any idea how these would fit on the upper shaft of a Grivel North Machine? The shaft cross section is pretty standard, oval, 30mm x 20mm, give or take. Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Nick, just measured the internal measurements of the sliding pommel which measured 30mm x 23mm. Looks like it would fit but would be a little loose, I also want to point out that it may be difficult to slide the pommel past the spike of your North Machine ice axe.
Answer from Nick M
Ah, it is not able to fully open up? Thanks
Answer from Cole P
Nick, it does not fully open just a tightening lever attached with a nut and screw.
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