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If you lie awake at night thinking about the perfect skin glue formula, the new Colltex acrylic solution just might help you get some Z’s. Three of them in fact. The Mix Whizzz could be the solution to all your climbing skin anxieties. Attaching and removing your skins is effortless. So is pulling them apart when stuck “non-glue” to “non-glue”. The acrylic coating is classified as such, since it’s not made from horse hooves or other notorious glue ingredients. Yet it somehow keeps your skins stuck to your skis. Our chemistry is not up to explaining exactly how, but our tests are saying: so-far-so-good.

  • Acrylic non-glue can be ripped easily while requiring no protective sheath.
  • 65/35 mohair/nylon mix formula is durable with great grip and glide.
  • Simple square tip brackets and Camlock+ adjustable tails fit most skis.
  • Edge+ membrane prevents fraying after trimming your skins.
  • Waterproof layer between fur and non-glue maintains sticking power.
  • Adhesive can be washed if it gets dirty and re-coated if necessary.

Update 2018/19: The Whizzz skins were renamed Clariden.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Amber F
I was looking to buy some Colltex Mix Whizzz skins and see that they are discontinued. I am most interested, in order of value: that rad acrylic "adhesive" (or something that doesn't leave a residue on my bases like my current Pomocas do), good glide, lightweight.

What do you recommend as an alternative to the Whizz?
Answer from eric
Amber- I would look at the Colltex Combin skins and the Pomoca Tipon skins. Both are "non glue" adhesives.
Answer from Werner K
contour hybrid is also a great alternative
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Question from John Koval
I want to buy a pair of the Colltex Whizzz skins for my skis. They are Salomon QBC's, 184 CM in length and 140mm-114mm-128mm in width. What size should I purchase? Please let me know
Answer from jbo
Hi John, ideally you'd get the 130mm x 176-185cm for those skis.
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Model: Mix Whizzz

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