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With the veritable explosion in the US of folks entering the backcountry market, ski shops are on the hunt for the ideal skin for the casual backcountry skier. Colltex threw their hat in the ring with the Clariden skins, which have a plush that is made from a classic 65/35 blend of mohair and nylon. The traditional skin glue is replaced by an acrylic adhesive that is easy to work with, unlike some overly tacky glues which require a herculean effort to un-stick from each other. The Colltex Clariden Skins have earned themselves a stamp of approval due to their ease of use, glide, and durability-- the trifecta of traits that most backcountry skiers seek.

  • A camming tail clip is easy to adjust and to clip into place, accommodating skin stretch without requiring annoying fiddling.
  • A 65/35 mohair/nylon blend combines the durability of nylon with the glide and packability of mohair.
  • The simple metal tip loop securely holds the skin in place and rips easily while in transition.
  • Storage sheets, a trimming tool, and a storage sack come with these skins.
  • Colltex offers Acrylate sheets that make re-gluing them clean and easy.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Bill Schreiner
With some trimming, will this skin work on a XC BC ski of 199 cm length with 88 - 68 - 78 side cut dimensions? Not has worried about the side cut trimming, as I am about that clip working on a 88mm shovel.
Answer from Lrow
Hi Bill,

I think you might be better off doing a custom tip build or using race skins without a tail attachment. The tip on the clariden skins would likely slide down a great portion of your ski, and the benefit of using the race skins is that it will be a straighter fit suitable to Nordic skis.


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Question from Ben
Are these the same skins Salomon sells pre-cut for their skis (current 2022 model year)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, no the Salomon skins use Colltex's hot-melt glue and not the acrylic formula.
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Question from Clark L Fox
I already own this (fantastic) skin in the "pre-cut Scott Superguide 105" version. I'm currently shopping new skis - how accommodating is the tip clip on this version for wide tips (138mm -such as the Kästle TX103 or similar)? Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Clark,
The tip clip on these skins should work with your skis! The skin itself might sit a little higher up the nose than something with a wider clip, but it should still function just fine regardless.
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Question from Tjaard B
Used these skins a few times. After last use, in very warm, wet conditions. Left them to air dry on the skis for a while before pulling them off. Skis weer waxed with Swix Ch, no fluoro waxes.
Now they barely stick at all. The adhesive doesn’t seem terribly dirty.
I know you can apply a new acrylate tape, but that seems a bit sooon (4 short tours). Anything like washing with water, using the contour wipes or such that I can do first?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Tjaard,

Your best bet is probably to re-glue them with the acrylate tape, branded as Whizz Tape, which we have available under Colltex Skin Parts. Feel free to email us at if you'd like us to delve a little deeper into your issues with them.
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Question from Tjaard B
What tip attachment do these come with? I see diffenrt ones on different Coltex photos. Looking for a ski with fairly blunt tip.
Answer from Jeff
Tjaard, this is a manufacturer photo and is not right. The ones we have here have a standard metal clip.
Answer from Tjaard B
Thanks, that is indeed what I was wondering.
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