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Colltex Clariden Skins

Brand: Colltex
Model: Clariden
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With the veritable explosion in the US of folks entering the backcountry market, ski shops are on the hunt for the ideal skin for the casual backcountry skier. Colltex threw their hat in the ring with the Clariden skins, which have a plush that is made from a classic 65/35 blend of mohair any nylon. The traditional skin glue is replaced by an acrylic adhesive that is easy to work with, unlike some overly tacky glues which require a herculean effort to un-stick from each other. The Colltex Clariden Skins have earned themselves a stamp of approval due to their ease of use, reliability, and durability-- the trifecta of traits that most backcountry skiers seek.

  • A camming tail clip is easy to adjust and to clip into place, accommodating skin stretch without requiring annoying fiddling.
  • A 65/35 mohair/nylon blend combines the durability of nylon with the glide and packability of mohair.
  • The simple metal tip loop securely holds the skin in place and rips easily while in transition.
  • Storage sheets, a trimming tool, and a storage sack come with these skins.
  • Colltex offers Acrylate sheets that make re-gluing them clean and easy.

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