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Junior backcountry skiers have been flying under the radar of product developers; it’s been hard to get properly-sized equipment. When covering junior skis with climbing skins, parents would end up throwing half of the material in a standard kit in the garbage. Thankfully, product developers at Contour saw this issue unfold and decided it’s time for a kit with less material and associated price. The Kids skin is aimed at junior skiers on planks up to 95mm wide and 140cm long. The skin itself is a nice mohair-mix and it comes in a streamlined package for kids. Just cut to length and trim the sidecut, no other installation or hardware required. Thanks to Contour, getting a set of skins for your grom is now as easy as learning to pizza and French-fry.

  • Metal tip-bracket is durable and riveted in place
  • No tail-strap means less weight/volume, easier fitting, and a chance to teach your kids skin-glue management.
  • Generous 95mm width and ample 125cm length out of the box.
  • This glue is less-grippy (yet still adequatly grippy) than adult skins, helping younger and smaller arms to rip their own skins.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Wes M
Are people doing ok with out tail clips? I was caught off guard by that
Answer from jbo
Hi Wes, tail clips are a somewhat recent invention and not strictly necessary. Many of us here often forego them. Kids are not likely to do many laps; the glue should hold just fine for their outings. With that in mind, Contour chose to keep the cost down and leave them off.
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Question from DAVID PTOLEMY
Do these fit 140cm length skis. It says they do but it also says 125cm out of the box. Not sure what that means and if the 125cm length adapts to 140cm length skis?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi David,

These skins will be 125cm out of the box. However, an additional 15cm of exposed base at the very tail of the ski will not significantly affect grip, hence the range of sizes.
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