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DPS Lotus 124 Tour1 Ski


You can probably ski on water with these. If you want to avoid penetrating said water, skin track, or deep powder, check out the DPS Lotus 124 Tour1. We won’t carry them uphill for you, but apparently they aren’t too bad to lug up there, and reportedly the smile-size makes up for them on the way down. If moderation is not your thing, the generous rocker, waist-width, and easy-skiing shape will have you on top of the world. Just not very quickly and not for long since you’ll won’t be able to wait for the down. If you’re heading out for one-lap backcountry powder photos, the Lotus 124 Tour is the ski for you. Just remember to tag @skimo_co on Instagram!

  • Balsa wood core is wrapped in carbon and glass laminates for stable pop.
  • Tough topsheets are resistant to scratches and shed a little snow.
  • Effortless tip and tail rocker means you just point and go in deep snow.
  • World Cup PTex bases are tough, not that you’ll hit any rocks while surfing.
Lengths (cm) 178, 185
convert to ounces
1545g [178]
1665g [185]
Weight (pair) 3090g [178]
3330g [185]
Dimensions   149-124-136
Turn Radius   23m
Skin Fix   Rounded tips and tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   3D PaddleTech
Shape   3D PaddleTech
Construction   Textured polyamide cap
Core   Balsa wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Water skiing?
Notes Hardened bases and edges
Bottom Line Float, float, and more float
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Anthony O
This or the hyperdrifter with race bindings for floaty pow laps?
Answer from TSB
A fair and noble question coming from you, Mr. Orkiolla! Between the two excess-fat monsters, the Lotus is a tiny bit turnier and feels a little bit less water-ski-like due to the additional tip and tail taper. The Lotus has super-easy turn entry/release, even if you are skiing a longer length (185cm) with two-buckle boots. Meanwhile, the Drifter is a little bit like skiing on a kiddie sled per foot, but in a good way. Point 'em where you want and they'll float that way. For the high density snow of the PNW and the challenging trailbreaking that comes with it, the more forward mount point of the Drifters would make trail breaking and kick-turning a breeze; the tip naturally wants to come up out of the snow, and the tail to drop, with each step. Perfect for those 20%+ snow densities :-)
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Question from Marcus

What kind of bindnings do you recommend for a surfboard like this? As they are pretto light, would a pair of s/Lab X-alp bot be sufficient to drive them or is something more beefy required?
Answer from jbo
Hi Marcus, options vary based on your size and ski style. Some folks are going light, others not so much.
Visit our binding finder to get a personalized recommendation.

The X-Alp boots won't really be able to drive these, but it can ride around on them in powder.
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Model: Lotus 124 Tour1

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