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Anthony O

Anthony O




6' 1"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


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Flat mode becomes a few mil less flat. If you are considering a freeride spacer, this probably won't bother you. I also don't really flat skin often or select bindings based on that capability fwiw.
Jbo, reviving this thread going thru a mid spring crisis. Highest performance from a chop absorbing standpoint and max speed limit with loosest feel. Fraction 3.0, wait for new fraction machines next year, or ripstick tour 104. Currently on volkl BMTs and katana v werks. Katana v werks is amazing, but I do feel it on a big day. BMTs feel notably softer in the tips-can feel flappy at max speed, but otherwise love the feel. For days I'm not willing to haul my katana, what's the strongest loosest thing that's ...
That's a beautiful image. I'd buy a portrait of that.
I guarantee you the difference between first and second place at skimo worlds is not decided by 60 g :) I know many people believe the level of strava competition in the Wasatch is the same as it is as skimo world cup events, but it is not. Therefore, 60g shouldn't be a consideration for mortals not racing to pay their bills. 60g over many different items is important. On a single item it is not. Just remove the essential oil from your pack. It's not essential. 60g doesn't prevent you from doing anything.
While we are on the trab topic, please note that some of us that don't ski 15cm undersized skis (anymore) want the simplicity of the trab toe and would even be happier with a oversized version of the toe and are fine with weight gain-because if 50-100g is why you think your friends are beating you then you need a wakeup call. Also, death to high heels, low ramp plz. Alpinist heels use 1 spring for gapless rather than 2, offer half the "rear travel (4mm compared to 8)," and offer half the adjustment (if you ...

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