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Anthony O

Anthony O




6' 1"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


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Camber doesn't make a ski more versatile and skinning uphill in ice isnt much harder, it just requires more precise balance and better skinning technique. Anyone who has practiced it can go up any slope that folks on a cambered ski can. I think complaining about skinning capabilities of full rocker skis is entirely a hobby of folks with little or no experience skinning (or skiing for that matter) with them. They aren't popular just because most people want concessions for resort skiing, not because of lack ...
brett, the walk mode its different, not the same lever. It also is a lot less faffy to get into. the receiving pin area that was breaking on people has been beefed up, its 24mm of material width now as opposed to 19. the flex is subtly softer but not much. scarpa has responded to most of your concerns with next years quattro pro. More cuff material that covers the tongue more, beefed up receiving pin area, beefier liner 130+ flex. Id imagine the annoyingness to get on is the same though. I havent experien...
i skied the ridge about 4 days. i think the stiffness and floating tongue and amount of throw on the hoji lock make the boot a large improvement over the hoji family. its a great boot that walks excellently. However i found the ramp angle and lean to feel larger than on the radical series and couldnt get along with it. I also found the material very hard to punch and just couldnt get a good fit in general. For those that it fits, enjoy! Docking a star because although the liner quality is improved it is sti...
I've punched it. It's very hard. requires pretty high heat and you won't get much, esp depending on the specific area. Id say basically zero for length. Lateral you can make a reasonable change though.
What a time to be alive. So many great boots! Firstly, the asterisk that states this boot maintains a similar shape to the previous maestrale is just wrong. Ignore that. This boot is molded off the Quattro, and is way lower volume than previous maestrale. It walks great like the Quattro, has one more upright setting of lean, and the bsl's are just bumped up one size from the Quattro. The liner is beefier than Quattro and the buckles are way less annoying. The flex is progressive and stuff. The Quattro is ve...

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