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Anthony O

Anthony O




6' 1"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


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Busted off "just the tip" of my batons. Made due with a brush basket. The whole carbide tip interface is gone, just a small hole. Came off in funky crusty postholy snow. Any parts for fixing this?
Someone go to Italy and show them a picture of a human foot. It is seriously mindboggling that they believe human feet look like that shape.
Jbo, any of you guys tried this alongside a Fraction? Curious how it stacks compared to an agent 3.0. cause at least on my agent 4.0 I would describe it similarly compared to a zero g. Yet the Scott sounds lighter.
Oh no, don't get me started with Big Sidecut (the evil empire of Voile and DPS imposing the Wasatch wiggle sidecut on the rest of us!) 20m+ turn radius should be the starting point! What we need is Voile and DPS weights with modern freeride shapes-high turn radius and reverse camber-like the BMT series except not German priced (revive the BMT 94). Every other ski these days is a rocker camber rocker with a sub 20 radius. We can keep those, but let's add some options! (I will repent for blaspheming DPS by sl...
They are definitely in league. Stay vigilant! I also have an inkling suspicion that ski resorts are in league with ski manufacturers to make skis and boots that are only good for the piste. Imagine a gear world designed from the ground up exclusively for the backcountry. Would camber and sidecut be as excessive as they are now? Like, who in the backcountry wants a "demanding" ski? We all want skis that make us feel like heroes so we can take more laps. Powder to the people!

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