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DPS Powderworks Tour 110 Dreamtime Ski

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Taken on their own, “DPS,” “Powderworks,” and “Dreamtime” are words known for making head turns and eyes pop. Altogether, the DPS Powderworks Tour 110 C2 Dreamtime Ski is enough to trigger satori, a Zen term best understood as insight into the luminous nature of reality itself. With their Dreamtime series, DPS annually unveils a few models intended to inspire excitement for the future while recalling their own past lineage. The Powderworks Tour 110 is obviously reminiscent of the brand's smooth, surfy Lotus and Spoon models, but is built from a C2 all-mountain chassis. Increasing the effective edge makes these skis a top choice for hard-charging hero turns on firm snow while retaining the massive platform necessary for planing above low-density powder. With a relatively flat tail, hook-free tip, and substantial camber, these skis are built to crash downhill at speed without diving too deep below the surface. At its core, this ski is still built from DPS’s signature touring Paulownia and ash wood plus aerograde foam, which together are remarkably effective at dampening vibration and resisting damage. Lest we forget, the clean Dreamtime graphics are a nice look too. Traditional spiritual practice requires years of dedicated effort in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Truth. Turns out it might be possible to taste it yourself with the Powderworks Tour 110 C2 Dreamtime Ski!

  • Pagoda Tour build integrates a textured polyamide cap to shed snow, wood/foam core to dampen vibration, and full sidewalls derived from algae to increase longevity and biodegradability!
  • Directional C2 shape is shared with Pagoda Tour 87, 94, and 106.
  • Rocker and effective edge are calibrated to ensure a 22-meter turn radius across all lengths.
  • "Dreamtime" refers to the 65,000 year old Aboriginal Australian cosmology of the same name.
  • Another little-known fact: DPS stands for the founder's last initial ("D") plus PowderworkS.
Lengths (cm) 171, 179, 184, 189
convert to ounces
1410g [171]
1530g [179]
1575g [184]
1655g [189]
Weight (pair) 2820g [171]
3060g [179]
3150g [184]
3310g [189]
Dimensions   134-110-118 [171]
135-110-119 [179]
136-110-120 [184]
137-110-121 [189]
Turn Radius   22m [All sizes]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flattish tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   25-35% Rocker, 65-75% Effective edge
Shape   Tapered tip, sidecut, tapered tail
Construction   Pagoda Tour (Poulownia and ash plus foam)
Core   Paulownia, ash, aerospace foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Charging backcountry lines
Notes 'Dreamtime' top sheet separates this special edition ski from others in the Pagoda Tour family
Bottom Line Lightweight on the up, heavyweight on the down
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Anthony Larson
I still really like my old tour 1 lotus 124, which I ski with plum race bindings, bought from Skimoco a few years back. Does this ski have a similar profile? Any thoughts on a comparison?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Anthony,

Not quite the same profile, but not too dissimilar! This ski shares a longer turn radius of 22 meters, and a longer tip rocker with subtle tail rocker. The main differences would be the narrower width and the Pagoda construction, as well as a bit more camber underfoot. This ski is based on the C2 shape, which is DPS's more traditional, directional shape designed for all-mountain performance. Compared to the Lotus 124 in the Tour1 construction, this ski would be more damp and versatile across different snow types, with a lot more composure on firmer snow. It also might feel like it has a bit more energy to it coming out of the turn. Overall, it would be a sweet powder-oriented charger that can handle variable conditions quite well.
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Question from Will
Can anyone compare the tour 110 to the Backland 107? Love my (189) backland's but looking for something that can handle wind and sun crusts more easily while not giving up any top end.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Will, the DPS Powderworks 110 here and the Atomic Backland 107 are going to be pretty similar skis. Same weight, similar width, and pretty much the same rocker profile. Both pow machines. To ski harder conditions, something with more camber and less width is the ticket. Please reach out to and we can chat options!
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Question from Kyle
What bindings would you recommend with these?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kyle,

Bindings depend on more than the ski they are paired with. I would recommend filling out a Binding Finder. We would be happy to point you in the direction of a binding that suits your needs!
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Question from Jack Z
Hey guys, would you happen to know if the Plum 110mm crampons will fit on these skis? Would it be possible for you to try it out if you have both items in stock? Thanks again!
Answer from Julian K
Hi Jack, the Plum 110 will work on this ski!
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Question from Jack Z
What is the mount point on this ski in the 179 length? Thanks
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jack,

On the DPS Powderworks Tour 110 Dreamtime in the179cm length, DPS recommends a mount point of 78.4cm off the tail. Note that this is for boot center line, not pin line.
Answer from Jack Z
Thanks Tristan. Would you happen to know if the Plum 110mm crampons will fit on these skis? Would it be possible for you to try it out if you have both items in stock? Thanks again!
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Question from John Offutt
What is rec mount on 110 tour ie: -8 ect
Is the mount point common on C2 chassis?
Is there a factory +1 / +2
Answer from Tristan M
Hi John,

The recommended mount point on the Tour 110 Dreamtime varies based on the length. Reach out to with the size you wish to ski, and we can get that number for you.

The mount point is not consistent across all C2 shaped skis, but the Tour 110 is closer to a traditional mount point than a progressive one. On this ski, we generally suggest going with the recommended. No need to go +1 or -1 unless you have a compelling reason.
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Model: Powderworks Tour 110 C2 Dreamtime

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