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Skeptics everywhere gasped when DPS released their original Cassiar 87, designed for hard snow and long-distance touring. What does DPS -- a company that made a name for itself with banana-rockered, water-ski-esque powder boards -- know about edge hold and camber underfoot? Well, it turns out that just because DPS tests their skis in the Wasatch doesn't mean that their mid-fat designs don't have a special affinity for shredding the maritime snowpacks. Whether you're hunting for a late-season freeze up high on the Olympic Peninsula, or making perfect carves under the midnight sun of the Lyngen Alps, the Pagoda 87 takes versatility to the next level. Aerospace foam in the core provides damping for the Pagoda above and beyond what we saw in the Cassiar, obliterating any concerns about pingy, chattery sensations when you ski onto shaded aspects or traverse a wind-scoured patch. And for those sleeper late-season storm cycles, the rockered tip and rounded tail make for effortless turns in boot-top powder. A heads-up to the skeptics: DPS has found the formula to shed weight without losing the amazing downhill feel that has been winning them converts worldwide.

  • A mid-fat ski that rides like an excess-fat powder board, but without sacrificing edge hold.
  • Aerospace-grade foam core provides impressive damping for the hard-charging, conditions-be-damned skier.
  • Rocker-camber integration makes for easy turn engagement, even on tired legs and with lighter boots.
  • Textured polyamide topsheet keeps snow and ice off your ski when you're setting the skintrack.
  • World Cup race-grade base material keeps your Pagodas moving fast and pairs well with DPS's Phantom 2.0 treatment.
Lengths (cm) 157, 165, 171, 178
convert to ounces
1140g [157]
1215g [165]
1305g [171]
1410g [178]
Weight (pair) 2280g [157]
2430g [165]
2610g [171]
2820g [178]
Dimensions   115-87-102 [157]
122-87-105 [165]
123-87-106 [171]
126-87-107 [178]
Turn Radius   16.5m [157]
17.0m [165]
17.5m [171]
18.0m [178]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified 178 only
Profile   Moderate camber with tip rocker
Shape   Versatile medium radius with rounded tips & tails
Construction   Full-sidewall beef
Core   Spaceage foam w/ Ash and Paulownia stringers
Skimo Co Says
Usage High-route touring, skiing in variable conditions at high speeds
Notes Feels unlike other touring skis with incredible dampness
Bottom Line Fantastic feel in an alpine-like touring ski
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Stephen C (used product a few times)
I tried these out a couple times last spring, so not a super experienced review but figured I'd provide my perspective and get a little store credit.

They definitely are damp like other DPS skis I've used. "Alpine-like" is correct!

However, maybe it's the "C2" shaping versus the "RP" used in the 100 and 112, but I found these to feel a little more locked in to a turn than I prefer. This locked-in feeling is great if you're carving down an open slope but not as good in tight spaces.

In general, DPS skis have rearward mount points. But for whatever reason I find these 87s to require a little more shin pressure to control versus the 100 and 112. Again, maybe that's the C2 versus RP, or maybe it's because the 100 and 112 have less camber. In any case, I had a little trouble in tight trees with these even at the 171cm length. For comparison a much more maneuverable ski (but much less damp) is the Volkl Rise Above 88.

I would recommend these if you want a very damp ski and are an expert skier and/or are using them for more open areas with bad snow. They'd probably make an awesome spring volcano ski, though I sold them to make room for something more versatile (for my personal preferences and skiing ability) and did not have the opportunity to use them on one.
Reply from jbo
Hi Stephen, thanks for the feedback! Like a lot of DPS skis, I recommend mounting forward at least 1cm on these which will help address what you were feeling.
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Damon (used product regularly)
I added the DPS Pagoda Tour 87s to my quiver this year to enable light and fast summer ski touring here in the pacific northwest. As the snowpack dwindles through the summer, the approaches get longer. Having a lightweight rig for the summer season has proven to be ideal. I had reservations about loosing the power and control I love with my daily drivers (DPS Wailer 112s), but the surprising thing about the Pagoda 87s was that I felt like I hadn't lost anything when reaching for a lighter weight ski. These skis, mated with Ski Trab Titan Vario 2's, delivered beautifully turns in hardpack, suncupped snow, and slush all on steep aspects. As others have noted, these skis like good downhill technique. If you know how to arc a directional or racing ski you're going to rip on these. Congrats to DPS engineering for developing a lightweight ski that doesn't force you to trade too much downhill performance for uphill performance. And big thanks to Skimo for helping me build a great set up for spring and summer skiing!
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Gregg (used product regularly)
I've been a DPS fan for a few years (I also own Wailer 99s and Lotus 124s), so I was anxious to try their narrower, touring-specific ski. I live at sea level in Kodiak, AK and mostly use my other DPS in other places--I honestly don't often need a 99 or wider underfoot ski here. The Pagoda Tour 87s work well for Kodiak's mixed conditions. Weight is just about right (not too heavy for touring but very solid feel on hard crusts we often experience). These are not flimsy-feeling skis in any conditions, ski coastal powder and mank splendidly, and never leave me wishing I was on bigger boards. Like other DPS, the 87s are super stable at speed, durable, and solidly constructed. They do seem to reward good technique more so than the Wailer 99s, which I consider a bit more forgiving and a wonderful all around ski for deeper, softer snow (probably the shape as well as the weight and construction).

p.s. Also, a big thank-you to Skimo customer service. For one thing, they did not request me to write a review! They had everything I wanted in stock (e.g,, the preferred bindings with crampons and skins), were knowledgeable and friendly, and got the order shipped pronto.
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Model: 87C2 Pagoda Tour - Touring

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