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Stephen C

Stephen C




5' 11"


164 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


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Instep feels higher, ZGTPs took some breaking in to get comfortable over the in step and were quite tight initially. These felt fine over the in step from the get go. Length felt a little shorter, I had to punch out the toes on one boot.
I've only gotten 4k ft on these so far, but there are no reviews on this website so why not write one. Among the sub 90mm skis I've tried available here, this one skis the best. (I have the 174cm length.). The ski I wouldn't say amazed me in any regard but it seems to do all things well which ultimately is what I want in a touring ski. It is reasonably powerful while also pivoting easily enough. It feels quite easy to maneuver/ski and sufficiently damp. Edge hold seems good. Some skis are good in one are...
No ski (touring or resort) has impressed me more than this one (I own the 177cm). It is remarkably powerful and stable... like really remarkable. And not just for the weight, which is incredibly light, but in general. I feel like I can rip on these to my heart's content. It is also incredibly easy to ski either from a centered stance or forward, while at the same time being super stable at speed. How all of this happened in a ski this light is mind-boggling. What a shame Movement discontinued it. I ...
I picked these up last spring on sale in the 171cm and finally got out on them yesterday. Wow. DPS has really cracked the code for touring skis. This thing is amazing - unlike a lot of touring skis it lets me ski the way I want. It does prefer some shin pressure, more so than the average ski, which I'm guessing is due to the mount point. But that same mount point makes it more maneuverable and floaty so I'm totally happy with the trade off. Just bend your knees and ski and it's no problem. Pivots wel...
I had the opportunity to try these out in-bounds at Mt. Baker ski area on a day when it was nuking and hardly anyone else was out there. For context, Mt Baker doesn't have "powder" it has wet cement snow, even more so than other ski areas in WA. Whoa boy this thing is a beast. The tail is indeed stiff and you better keep your shins in your boots to control it unless you want to be taken for a ride. This is an experts-only ski IMO. Not an every-day touring or even an every-day powder ski. It is like ...

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