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You know what's easier than cutting skins to fit your skis? Not cutting them! Let DPS do the hard work and pair these mixed mohair skins with your new DPS skis for the perfect fit out of the box. To maximize glide and grip these skins are a 70% mohair/30% nylon mix Pomoca Pro S-Glide skin that show off your love for DPS with great graphics (that you will rarely see since the goal is to be out their skinning up to your next epic objective). Easy on and easy off for quick transitions will become your new mantra due to a phenomenal glue formula that performs well in all conditions. Combined with a waterproof membrane you can feel confident in these skins from the Cold Smoke of Bridger Bowl to the beloved Sierra Cement of Tahoe and the surrounding areas. Set that steep skin track with confidence or go cruise the meadows - as long as you're out there having fun these skins will stick with you. Cut out the guesswork and match the DPS Precut Skins to your sweet new skis!

  • 70/30 Mohair/Nylon mix gives all the grip and glide you could want from your skins
  • Plush is treated to help shed water when the snowpack gets a little sticky.
  • Waterproof membrane prevents glue failure, especially in wet conditions.
  • Comes with a skin bag to keep your organized at home.
  • No trimming necessary, just match to your skis and they are ready out of the box.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ryan
I bought these skins and the metal tail clips don't work with my skis so I followed the suggestion above and purchased the plastic tail clips to replace them. I was trying to slide the metal clips off the tail strap but they got stuck on the notches before the wider final inch of the tail strap. How does one remove the metal tail clips or at the very least slide them past this point?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Ryan. We've found that you can help the strap along through the metal clips very gently with a flathead screwdriver. I hope this helps.
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Question from Martin Bursaw
Recently purchased the DPS 94 in a 178cm for the cut skin the 161 to 178 or the 178 to 185?
Answer from jbo
Hi Martin, kind of a personal preference whether you prefer less material versus having more tail strap to grab when you're transitioning.
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Question from Art Budzynski
I recently bought from you the 94 Pagoda 185 skis and got the dps precut skins
The skins are very tide feed as far as the length.
I’m on the last groove with the metal bracket and need to use a lot of pull to put them on.
Is that how they should feed?
If you could give me dimensions how long they should be for 185 skis I could double check.
I would really appreciate the feedback.
Otherwise I love the setup.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Art, we double-checked the length of the skins on the Pagoda 94 and everything seems good on our end. If you wouldn't mind shooting us an email at with some potential pictures of the box and how the skins are lining up on the ski, we could help decipher the situation!
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Question from Erik
Do these skins cover the hole widht of the ski in the hole lenght, exept for steeledges, or do they run narrower?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Erik. These skins are full coverage (except for steel edges) for most of the ski. However, you will have more base material showing towards the tip and tails of the skis. which shouldn't be a big deal as the rocker would keep the skin material from contacting the snow.
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Question from Travis
Anyone else have trouble taking these skins off while clipped into your bindings? Those metal tail clips might be too rigid for me.
Answer from Ian C
Hey Travis, yes, I ran into something similar trying to quickly pull these off with my skis on. If you were serious about fixing the issue, you could replace it with Pomoca's standard plastic tail clip, which should be available on our site shortly under "Pomoca Skin Parts".
Answer from Travis
Roger that! I think I might have some around.
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Question from Nick C
Are there any skins that will fit a pagoda tour 100, 171cm in stock? I wasn't sure if being just out of a range would work at all.
Answer from Zak M
Hey EfLambda, unfortunately, we won't have any in stock currently. I would check out a pair of the Black Diamond GlideLite Mix Skins or the Contour Hyrbrid Mix Skins for some good trim to fit alternative options.
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Question from karen Wilkie
I recently purchased the DPS Pagoda Tour 112 in 158 cm length. I chose them for their light weight. Are the pre-cut skins for this ski also light weight? Also if I order the precut skin, will I have to cut length if I order the 158-173 cm skin?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Karen, yes the skins are quite lightweight. the DPS skins are rebranded from Pomoca and are comparable to the Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Skins. You do not need to cut the length, there is an adjustable tail strap that will accommodate all of the Pagodas in the listed size range.
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Question from Terry Lilienfield
What are the full dimensions of the Pagoda pre cut skins - width 106?

Wondering if they will fit my Zelda tours 130/105/120?

Answer from Zak M
Hey Terry, you will most likely be just a touch short on the tail dimension but these will be very close.
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Question from Peter
Hi, how wide is the nose bracket on these skins? As in, how wide is the rectangle that clips on the tip of the ski?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Peter, thanks for reaching out! We just measured a couple skins, and the tip brackets measure 95mm wide internally.
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