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DPS Phantom Base Glide Treatment

Brand: DPS
Model: Phantom Glide
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Ski mountaineers and backcountry skiers are not known for ski maintenance. Most would rather be skiing! If you identify with that sentiment, you’ll love the Phantom permanent base treatment from DPS. The rocket-surgeons in charge at DPS promise that Phantom will give you the greased lightning feel of a fresh wax that will never, ever wear off. Gone are the late nights of scraping wax in cramped garages, the feeling of friction under your bases as you realize you picked the wrong wax, and the ashen bases of your neglected skis. Get yourself a fresh stone grind, apply Phantom, and spend more time skiing!

  • Apply once: performance never fades regardless of stone grinds.
  • Polymer technology provides performance across a broad range of conditions and snow temperatures for the life of your bases.
  • Environmentally friendly since it doesn't use toxins that get skied-off and end up in the watershed.
  • More cost-effective than waxing regularly.

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