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Let's start with what this product isn't. It's not a hard candy in the shape of a battery. It's not a battery-powered defibrillator, capable of saving your life. No, it's something much more important: the Dynafit Batter Life Saver will save the life of the battery in your Instagram device! Use this Social Media Life Saver to keep your phone warm and photo-ready, because if you didn't get the shot, did it even happen? As a bonus, you might extend the life of your navigation device which, in theory, could save your actual, real, in-person, physical life.

  • Use this case to keep your phone battery alive long enough to get a shot of EBunce's voluptuous behind when he skins past you-- it truly is magnificent.
  • The water-resistant and wind-repellent outer shell means that the integrated external hook can be clipped to your pack for a quick-deploy.
  • The same Primaloft insulation found in your coat is also in this wildly overbuilt Arctic-quality phone case.

Questions & Reviews

Gray (downright abused product)
This sleeve (?) will not fit an iPhone 8 Plus IF you have a case on it. I have used it a ton without a case since that doesn’t bother me a ton. I’m planning on getting the mini iPhone next as I hate the plus size.

The sleeve works okay, you really have to keep a hand warmer in it to make a huge difference but it does help a tiny amount without the warmer. Wish it was a little more waterproof for when I get sweaty. I’ve used it the past two winters and it has held up well.
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Question from greg steele
Safe to say will not fit a iphone 12 pro max?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Greg, you are correct. Safe to say the Battery Saver will not fit an iPhone 12 pro max.
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Question from Mark Christopherson
Are you getting any of these this season? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark! Sadly, Dynafit pulled this product. Maybe because there were too many photos of EBunce's voluptuous behind?
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Question from John
Do you know if this fits an iPhone XR? What are the measurements? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
John, inside dimensions are 3 1/4" x 6". That would a tight squeeze.
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Model: Battery Saver

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