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Dynafit Carbonio Pole


The limited edition Carbonio is a 100% carbon speed touring pole with a flexible aluminum basket. The pole is adjustable with an aluminum Safety Snap system that has hash marks on the carbon lower to prevent slippage. The grip is ergonomic and has a comfortable, supportive strap for really pushing it on the uphills.

  • 100% carbon construction is lightweight and stiff for power transfer.
  • Aluminum basket floats on a flexible support to adapt to terrain.
  • 2k Ergonomic grip can be held in multiple way to adjust to the climb.
  • Aluminum Safety Snap locking system adjusts between 105-145cm.
  • Seamless Loop wrist strap prevents loss and helps support your hands.
Lengths (cm) 105 - 145 adjustable
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 366g
Sections 2
Grip Ergonomic grip w/ seamless strap
Basket & Tip Flexible aluminium basket, aluminium tip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   100% carbon fiber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring
Notes Slick Safety Snap telescopic adjustment system
Bottom Line High-end adjustable pole
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Questions & Reviews

wayne phillips (downright abused product)
I have never had a better ski pole! These are so freakin light and adjustable. If you are looking for a lightweight adjustable pole these are the best.
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Daniel Todd (used product regularly)
This pole is well engineered. I have not found a single feature that I thought: "Hmm, Dynafit could've done a little better with this." I've had other adjustable poles, and the safety lock snap mechanism on the Carbonio is the best design I've seen for keeping the pole lowers from slipping, while maintaining very low weight and a low profile. Because Dynafit added true detents at each adjustment interval, it would be nearly impossible for the lower to be forced up during use. Powder baskets are lightweight and more useful than the generic plastic powder baskets you find on any other pole. Oh, and they're extremely light weight.
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Model: Carbonio UPC: 4046402077505

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