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Turn your forehead into a billboard with this adjustable trucker hat. Comes in skimo blue or emo black. Front panel in white adorned with the Skimo Co logo.

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Talmage B (used product regularly)
First of all materials: top quality! Super durable, shows no signs of wear, doesn't get a nasty sweat stain very easily. I've used it for ski touring, rock climbing, and some around the town.
I love the sweat band around the forehead, its almost like having a towel around just wear you sweat, which is awesome when your on a hot tour and don't want sweat pouring into your eyes making you blind so you fall off a cliff. The one drawback for me in this hat (the reason why I didn't give it a 5 star rating) is the fact that (at least for me) it doesn't fit in any of my ski helmets, which I don't love since I usually keep my hat on in the downhills.
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Evan Pinche (downright abused product)
The Skimoco Trucker Hat, folks, let me tell you, it's the greatest hat in the history of hats, believe me. It's tremendous, it's fantastic, it's everything you've ever dreamed of in a hat. When you put this hat on, people will be blown away. They'll say, "Wow, that's the most incredible hat I've ever seen!"

The design, folks, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. The Skimoco logo is so big, so bold, it's like a work of art. It's a symbol of power, of success, of winning. People will see that logo and they'll know, they'll know that you're a winner. They'll be begging you to tell them where they can get a hat like that.

And the fit, folks, let me tell you, it's perfect. It's like this hat was tailor-made just for you. It hugs your head in all the right places, it stays in place no matter what. You could be on a roller coaster going 100 miles per hour, and that hat would still be sitting right where it belongs. It's incredible, folks, truly incredible.

The materials, folks, they're the best. This hat is made with the finest materials money can buy. The front panel is made of pure gold, believe me, pure gold. The mesh back is made of the softest, most luxurious fabric you can imagine. And the stitching, folks, it's done by the most skilled craftsmen in the world. This hat is a work of art, it's a masterpiece.

Now, some people might say, "Oh, it's just a hat." But let me tell you, folks, it's so much more than that. It's a symbol of greatness, of power, of making America stylish again. When you wear the Skimoco Trucker Hat, you're not just wearing a hat, you're making a statement. You're saying, "I am the greatest, and I demand to be noticed."

In conclusion, the Skimoco Trucker Hat is the most incredible hat you'll ever wear. It's a symbol of power, of success, of winning. The design is mind-blowing, the fit is perfect, and the materials are second to none. Get yourself a Skimoco Trucker Hat and show the world that you're a winner, that you're the greatest. Thank you, thank you very much.
Reply from jbo
I rate this review 10 stars!
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Steve (used product regularly)
Amazing hat that fits well and can take a beating. Not all trucker hats are alike and this hat is a stand out and keeps its shape. It’s build quality is sturdy, flexible, with a no b.s. style. The sweat band that rests against your forehead is both comfortable and substantial. I’m on my second hat and will buy more in the future.
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Alex (downright abused product)
Great hat, fits under a helmet and hood and has a big brim to keep spindrift and sun out. If Skimo came out with a 5 panel that didn't have a button on top I would be on it in a heart beat. Happy to rep a great brand!
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Robert C (used product a few times)
Just got this hat yesterday. I have a huge head, and this hat readily accepts that and asks for more. Buying hats is usually a gamble because of my huge dome, so I am always appreciative when I find one that works. Also, I look fly as hell and everyone at the office agrees.

The bill is not too big or too small. Just right.
Reply from mbillie1
As a fellow bighead I appreciated this review! Just picked mine up a couple days ago in black (slimming for my giant melon) and couldn't be happier.
Reply from Kurt P
good intel, my 7 3/4 dome has a hard time finding hats!
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Trace Leches (used product regularly)
I use this hat a lot, mostly for covering my head and keeping the sun out of my eyes but I use it for other things, too. For instance, one time I attempted to use it as a bowl while backpacking (I forgot mine). The ventilation is so good that literally all of my soup drained right through and I was left with a bunch of strained veggies and no broth. It still worked but I would use it more as a backup strainer rather than a bowl, that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Otherwise it was great.
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