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When the iPhone was unveiled in 2007, it boggled minds by eliminating secondary interfaces in favor of a touch screen. Dynafit seems to be doing something similar with their Speed Goggles, which have gone totally frameless for a full panoramic field of view and the lightest possible weight. We imagine wearing the four-layer foam will be something like having a colored bubble levitating ½ inch in front of your face, in the best possible way. The lens itself is double-layered and treated with a fog shield to shed intrusive water droplets. Coupled with Dynafit’s lifetime (five year) warranty, the Dynafit Speed Goggles are sure to be a fixture where ski tourers congregate for the foreseeable future.

  • Choose between Cat 1, 2, or 3 if you expect to most frequently encounter low, middle, or bright light conditions.
  • Minimalistic build shaves off every possible gram.
  • Dynafit lifetime warranty refers to the typical lifetime of goggles and/or guinea pigs, in this case five years.
  • Fogshield double lens protects your face from moisture and vice versa.
  • Comes with hard case and travel bag for the rare moments you decide not to wear them.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Bryan B
Do these come with straps to connect them directly to the sides of the TLT helmet? Or are they available separately?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Bryan, They do not come with that strap. And they are still not available separately.
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Model: Speed Goggle

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