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Dynafit partnered with Italy's Divel Optics to bring the Evo lenses to the aptly named Dynafit Ultra Evo Sunglasses. This lens tech incorporates various coatings and filters to heighten contrast, diminish glare, reflect excessive light, and bring out the intensity of colors. On top of this, the lenses are hydrophobic and feature small cutout vents, allowing them to shed moisture from the inside and out. The Ultra frames are extremely light and flexible, eliminating material surrounding the frames to provide an unrestricted field of view. Mega grip temples and a no-slip nosepad keep them secure on your face, no mater the pace. Made specifically for speed touring, the Dynafit Ultra Evo Sunglasses boost the ease and safety of visual navigation out in the field.

  • Mega grip temples and no-slip nosepad hold the glasses steady.
  • Streamlined Ultra frames feel like nothing when you're wearing them.
  • Polycarbonate hard coated lenses are interchangeable if you decide to replace them.
  • Come with hard case and fabric pouch for transporting.
  • Evo lenses offer excellent color differentiation and protect eyes from reflected light.
  • Cat 3 lenses are best in mid-to bright- light.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nik Bergill
Hi Skimo Co Team,
Are clear lenses included with the Ultra Evo and the rest of the Dynafit eyewear range?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Nik,

Thanks for reaching out! The clear lenses are not included with the Dynafit Ultra Evo Sunglasses, nor the rest of the eyewear range.
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