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In pursuit of the perfect vision solution for backcountry users, Smith created the Pursuit Sunglasses. A tall and wide lens with optional side shields and nose cover provides goggle-like protection from wind, sun, and snow without sacrificing breathability and airflow, which makes glasses desirable for high-effort activities. The adjustable arms and nosepiece allow you to customize the fit for comfort and stability, accommodating a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. Specialized screwless hinges hold the temple arms in place, increasing durability and reliability in the backcountry. For an extra secure fit, Smith includes a retaining strap fashioned after goggles, keeping the Pursuit in place even on the bumpiest descents. Most notably, Smith has built the glasses with their ChromaPop Glacier Photochromatic lens that darkens from Cat 1 to Cat 4 as the clouds part and the sun rises. This allows the Pursuit to adapt to a wide array of conditions while the ChromaPop technology filters light, giving you contrast in tricky lighting conditions. For days (or nights) when even Cat 1 is too dark, the Pursuit glasses come with an interchangeable transparent lens, saving you from needing to purchase a separate pair of glasses just to have a clear option. The Pursuit was purpose-built for the backcountry and is a reliable choice to bring along on your adventures.

  • Cat 1-4 ChromaPop Glacier Photochromatic lens keeps your vision clear and consistent as the light changes.
  • ChromaPop technology filters light to provide the best possible contrast in tricky snow conditions, like flat lighting.
  • Included magnetic side shields and nose cover can be taken off for even more airflow, or attached for ultimate sun protection.
  • Fit of the arms and nosepiece can be tweaked to fit your noggin.
  • Retaining strap is included for a secure fit on the bumpiest of ski runs.
  • Comes with an interchangeable clear lens for night tours and early pre-dawn patrols.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from max S
How durable are the lens from scratches? Are these delicate lab equipment that will get gauged the first time I walk into a branch, or will these still look brand new after I wipe grit across the lens?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Max! Being engineered with backcountry skiing in mind, they are a durable choice when it comes to lens durability. They can handle the occasional branch swipe and being hydroleophobic coated, can be cleaned easily. With that being said, no lens is up to match for repeated use and abuse, so it's important to protect your lens when possible! Thanks!
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Question from Kevin
Do the different color of lenses affect the color of the snow, clouds etc.? Or do colors just appear darker? I usually prefer gray lenses because I don't like to look at red or blue snow.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Kevin,

All three of the color options share the same base lens tint which is the ChromaPop Glacier Photochromic 1-4 tint. The ChromaPop tint is designed to enhance contrast on snowy terrain, to make it easier to see depth and textures in mountain environments. It appears to be the same regardless of which mirror finish you choose. I would describe the base tint as bronze - it makes the environment look brighter and sharper, and gives it a warm tone. I do not think it would make the snow look red or blue!
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Comment from Travis
I applaud the inclusion of a clear lens. Photochromatic lenses have a tend to “freeze” in place at the low temps often found skiing in the early AM and into the PM. Love the nose guard too.
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