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Grivel Anarchist Pole


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While poles with extended foam grips aren’t anything new, Grivel has managed to create a unique offering with the Anarchist pole. Keeping the classic extended foam grip that allows for nearly unlimited hand positions, the Anarchist gains Grivel’s Mutant basket, which allows the user to swivel the basket between a race or more traditional basket configuration. In the asymmetrical race configuration, the basket has less surface area in the front and more in the back, allowing the pole to easily pivot forward and thus improve uphill efficiency. In the symmetrical configuration, which resembles traditional powder baskets, the ferrule of the pole is in the center of the basket, allowing the pole to feel balanced when being pressed into deep snow.

While wrist straps are falling out of style with many skiers for fear of injury, Grivel incorporated an adjustable cord pole strap with their Strap Safety Release (SSR) system. This allows the strap to release when pulled above 90°, providing an extra margin of safety for your shoulders. Rounding out the Anarchist is the tried and true one-piece 7075 aluminum construction, which finds a compelling mix of durability and weight savings.

If you value a durable pole with a versatile basket design, the Anarchist pole from Grivel is for you.

  • Durable 7075 aluminum shaft is in it for the long haul.
  • EVA extended foam grip makes switching hand positions while skinning or making jump turns a breeze.
  • Mutant basket can be switched from ascent mode (asymmetrical) to descent mode (symmetrical) easily and efficiently.
  • Strap Safety Release System releases when the strap is pulled above 90°, helping prevent injuries if the pole gets snagged.
  • Spare SSR straps and Mutant baskets can be found here.
Lengths (cm) 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
convert to ounces
220g [130]
Weight (pair) 440g [130]
Collapsed Length   N/A
Sections 1
Grip Extended foam
Basket & Tip Mutant basket
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, EVA foam grip
Strap SSR System (Strap Safety Release)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring, steep skiing, ski mountaineering
Notes Reminiscent of Batons but with a unique basket and lightweight strap
Bottom Line Versatile fixed-length pole
Compare to other Fixed Length Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Michael
Will these poles only take the mutant baskets or could I put small summer baskets on them?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Michael, only the Mutant baskets fit onto the pole. You might be able to knock them off but it's an all-in-one grommet / basket contraption. You'd need to put another basket grommet on and then screw / slide your new baskets onto that.
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Model: Anarchist

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