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Mauri D

Mauri D




5' 9"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing

90% backcountry. IFMGA Guide aspirant. Aggressive racing style in the resort. Generally tend towards big days hunting steeps and hop turns in the backcountry. I prefer capability on the down/lightless on the up (60/40).

My uphill speed and interest in skimo racing are ever growing.

My Gear

177 Voile Hyper Vectors w/ ATK Haute Route
183 Voile Hyper V6 w/ ATK HAUTE ROUTE
181 BlackCrows Ferox Freebird w/ ATK Freeride12
183 Voile V6 w/ NTN bindings

Tele Boot: 26.5 scarpa TX Pro
AT Boot: 27.5 Sportiva Vanguard (forefoot punched)
Light Boot: 28.5 Technica Zero G Peak

Recent Posts

I have to disagree with the answer comparing the Vanguard (or any Sportiva boot) to the Technica Zero G Tour Pro. I have a very high instep, wide foot and a minimum of 30 days in the two boots. The instep in the Vanguard is way lower over the top of the foot (this is consistent across the Sportiva boots I’ve tried). Between the two Technica boots (zero g tour pro, zero g peak carbon) and three Sportiva boots (Vega, skorpius, vanguard) I’ve used over the past two years, I find the height over the instep in...
I have Technica zero G peaks in 28.5 that I sized larger for higher altitude objectives. The team recommended I go with this liner instead. Looking to upgrade from the stock liner for a warmer liner. Is the 28 a thicker liner than the 28.5 like many brands or is each liner the same thickness from Palau? Which size should I go for?
Update after an additional 6 months post this review… based on the ease of the return/warranty process with La Sportiva, and them providing spare ankle buckles free of charge when I asked I’d bump this review to five stars. Regarding ski-ability, I really like the feeling of the progressive flex when skiing aggressively. Plus the V closure makes getting boots on and off way easier than all other 130 flex boots I’ve ever tried, especially cold boots after camping out.
I have a pair of Technica zero G peaks in 28.5 that I ordered a size up (2finger shell fit) to use as a high altitude/cold temps boot. With the stock liner they are already my warmest boot because of the extra space. I’ve used intuition in the past for warm liners. Would the intuition tour be the best option for making this light boot warmer and maintaining most of the walkability?
I’ve had two pairs of the Vanguards since they were released. Between the two pairs I’ve put over 90k’ of vertical gain in this winter. I purchased them because I’m a big fan of La Sportiva in general and they have a fairly wide last off the shelf in my size (102.5mm). Despite the wide last, I still had them blown out to 110mm. Pros: they ski great, the stiffness is exactly what I needed/wanted. The liner is beefy and responds incredibly well to breaking in/heat molding. The ski/walk lever is super solid a...

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