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Jesse G

Jesse G




5' 8"


185 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

I have these boots and they are great! But... my 5th metatarsal on one foot has begun rapidly expanding in a horizontal direction for a couple years now. I had a fitter punch the boot for me last year but I just tried them on again (getting stoked for the season) and I can tell I'm going to have issues. My question is; how crazy would it be to just drill a small hole in the side of the boot and then cover it with a patch or even rubber vulcanized onto the outer shell? I'm pretty sure it would feel better b...
Where on the boot would I attach these in the case of the TLT8 Carbonio? They don't seem to have a D-ring or really, any good points for looping a cable.
Disclaimer: I have not used this pack in the field yet. This review is based on a few hours of playing around with it and my observations so far. This pack is SO close to being perfect but it has a few issues. In the tradition of Festivus, I will begin with the airing of grievances. To start, there is an external stuff pocket that is just a hair too narrow to properly hold avy gear. I tried both a BCA and a black diamond shovel and both "mostly" fit but had about an inch of the shovel head exposed. The ...
I picked these up sight unseen based on a recommendation from a skimo employee. I was a bit tentative because I had been looking at something I was more familiar with like the Transalp 90 but... no need to worry, these skis are really, really good. I picked them up primarily for spring skiing. I live in California and springtime in the Eastern Sierra is a blast but the wrong ski can make life a lot harder on you. I wanted something light, stable and capable of quick turns (pick two, right?). I decided to t...
Can this pack carry a water bottle on the shoulder strap?

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