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Grivel North Machine Carbon Ice Axe

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Purpose-built for alpinism, the Grivel North Machine Carbon ice tool is a dream come true for ski alpinists. And that’s not just because of the extremely lightweight-yet-durable construction. The geometry of the shaft curvature increases pick clearance and usability in pure ice and mixed terrain conditions. The pick has been carefully shaped to allow for surgical placement in tight quarters, but with the strength to tolerate abuse in any arena. The carbon shaft dampens vibration, while the small shaft size and rubber grip eliminate dreaded forearm pump. A reduced pinky pommel size reduces interference on lower angled terrain and improves plunging ability. The North Machine Carbon is the culmination of Grivel’s 150+ year quest to make the high mountains more accessible.

  • Aerospace composite handle is the ultralight yet strong due to ribbed construction.
  • Available in both hammer and adze versions, but also configurable without either.
  • Ice Plus pick or Mixed pick can be used to adapt the axe to your specific mission.
  • 47 centimeter shaft is curved precisely to enable secure placements in one swing.
  • CE certified.
Lengths (cm) 47
convert to ounces
566g [hammer]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon, forged steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Technical ski mountaineering, Alpinism, Ice Climbing
Notes Adze/hammer can be removed
Bottom Line Ultralight ice weapon
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Questions & Reviews

Curly (downright abused product)
I actually love these tools. The swing is extremely natural which leads to great sticks with very little effort. I have put these things through the wringer and they've exceeded my expectations every time. With the new vario head system to add a mini hammer or small adze to one pick, they will be even better too. I bought tech machines because I was starting to push my ice cragging grades a bit and wanted an ergo grip but those climb much worse and I get pumped out far quicker (which is counter-intuitive.) I sold those and settled on using these for everything from WI5 to long alpine routes like Liberty Ridge or similar.
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Nat (used product regularly)
When things get STEEP and FIRM, these are the technical tools you'll be wishing were in your hands. I believe they are one of the lighter technical tool offerings - they climb steep snow and even technical ice extremely well. I have left my Petzl Nomics at home several ice climbing trips b/c the North Machines swing effortlessly and with surgical precision. I bought a pair without the hammer/adze and then purchased an extra pick with the hammer attached. It's a quick n' easy swap if I think pounding in pitons are a possibility. These picks are also superbly made and hold up better than an Petzl of BD picks that I have used.
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Pete (used product a few times)
Great ice tool, perfect for long technical missions where you need a technical tool but wight still plays a role. So much head weight, and sticks in water ice great. Only complaint is that the sticks are deep enough that they are occasionally hard to clean.

The version without hammer or adze is actually pretty light, 445g, I believe it's the lightest full ice tool available from a major manufacturer in the US.
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Model: North Machine Carbon Ice Axe

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