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No serious race binding company fails to offer adjustment plates. Grizzly is serious so they offer some machined aluminum plates on which to mount the heels of the GR 98, Olympic, and other bindings. This allows you to use multiple boots with your otherwise unadjustable bindings. All plates are sold in pairs with adjustment bolts and nuts included.

  • Speed Plates weigh 28 grams and also offer 28mm of adjustment range.
  • Made with 7075 aluminum for ultralight strength.
  • Stainless steel hardware shouldn't seize up.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Allen T
Would you mind measuring the spacing of these holes and letting me know. I'm thinking of putting these on a pair of big skis and not sure I'm going to like it. If it doesn't work out I would love to be able to reuse the holes for an ATK heel if at all possible. Seems unlikely, but you never know if you don't ask.

Answer from Emmett I

The plate mounts to the ski with a pattern of 25mm x 86mm between the centers of the holes. The slots to mount the binding are also 25mm between the centers.
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