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The more surface area on your planks, the more important it is to have easy-to-peel glue on your skins. The Karakoram Smart Splitboard Skins were created for our splitboarding friends to be reliable and easy to handle in the field. Made by Kohla in Austria, these skins use Smart Glue technology which makes them easy to separate while maintaining adequate adhesion to your bases, even in cold temperatures. The Split skins are carefully constructed on a waterproof rubber backer, helping increase reliability without adding weight. The nylon mohair blend provides optimal grip and glide while the non-fluorocarbon, wax-based impregnation treatment on the plush resists snow glopping and doesn’t contribute fluorocarbons into the groundwater. The universal tail clip and wire rope tip clip work with most split boards and are easy to use. Whether doing a quick fitness lap or harvesting powder in the backcountry, bring along the pleasurable Smart Splitboard Skins from Karakoram.

  • Nylon mohair blend finds a good balance of packability, weight, durability, and glide.
  • Universal tail clips fit most split board tail configurations.
  • Wire rope tip clip is easy quite easy to use and works with all splitboard tips.
  • Easy peeling Smart Glue works down to -22 Fahrenheit and is appreciated with the wide surface area of a splitboard.
  • Treated with non-fluorocarbon wax-based impregnation helps prevent snow glopping and is more eco-friendly.
  • Kohla’s Rubber Fiber Seal backing material keeps water away from the glue, ensuring adhesion even in wet Spring conditions.
  • Austrian construction is top-notch and built to last.

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