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Skiers have been enjoying a plethora of options when it comes to skin selection. Splitboarders, on the other hand, have been left with few options, most of which offer very little in terms of glide, packability, and weight. Voile, the company that brought the splitboard to the world-at-large, is set to rectify this situation with a formula sure to be popular with the growing cadre of “fast and light” splitboarders. Made with Pomoca's blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, the Hyper Glide Splitboard skins are formulated to optimize glide and efficiency without compromising grip on icy skin tracks. Made with Voile’s outstanding tips and tails, and easily packed into a jacket pocket, these skins are far lighter and more packable than traditional nylon skins and sure to hasten your transitions. Slide into the modern age of splitboard gear with Voile’s Hyper Glide Splitboard skins and stop dreading the uphill!

  • Stainless-steel rivets will keep your hardware attached for season after season of use.
  • Bright green color lets you know that they are your “good” skins and cannot be mistaken with old, slow nylon skins.
  • Ever Dry treatment offers long-life water-repellency that at least partially obviates the need for anti-glopping sprays.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tail clips are light and durable, so you know they will work when you need them most.
  • Tail-straps are made from the ubiquitous Voile Strap material for solid tension to hold your skins in place.
  • Comes with a bi-directional cutting tool for trimming the skins to the sidecut of your board.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ryan
I need to re-glue my Voile Hyper Glide skins, is the pomoca glue the best option?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ryan, most definitely as the material & glue is made by Pomoca.
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Rob M (used product a few times)
These skins are killer! I have both the pink Pomoca splitboard skins and these skins. It is a bit early to tell, but the glide on the Pomoca skins is a bit better than these. That could certainly change with time.

The reason I gave these 5 stars is the clips. The clips are much better than the Pomocas, specifically the tail clip. This tail clip is so solid and never moves. The Pomoca design gets loose after you use it for a few days. This one is much better!

Another thing to know is that these skins are much, much skinnier than the Pomoca skins. I trimmed off probably a solid inch off the Pomoca skins and just a bit off these ones. If you have a wide board, I would recommend the Pomocas.
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James R (used product regularly)
Unfortunately it's true that splitboarders don't have the same amount of options as skiers but with these skins, that's fine by me. They are rebranded Pomoca skins which means they're high quality - great glue that sticks and doesn't get slimy, packs down small (especially compared to full nylon), full grip, and the glide only gets better with age. I believe the tailclips would work fine for a conventional shaped split but I have a Chimera Sceptre with a flat-ish tail. However, it was simple enough to swap out the tail clip with the G3 Twin Tip Connectors. All I can say is that I wish I had had these skins years ago.
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Question from Fredlund
How wide are these skins?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Fredlund, for the 163-169cm version they are 13cm at the widest point of the skin. This width should be the same for the other length models as well.
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Dan Hadley (used product regularly)
These are fantastic skins. They are lighter, glide better, pack smaller and climb about as good as their full synthetic skins. The glue has the perfect amount stickiness but is easy enough to unstick from itself. The glue is way better than there previous generation of skins.
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Model: Hyper Glide Skins

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