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The La Sportiva Session Tech Hoody is a mid or top-layer made from fleece of varying thicknesses. This cozy fleece targets specific areas to remain warm yet breathable, while the torso and shoulders are overlaid with windproof protection. Like a fine wine with cheese, the union of these different materials is more than the sum of its parts, providing a balance of coziness and rugged protection on cold and windy days. Elastane, aka Spandex, ensures this hoodie won’t hinder your freedom of movement, while alpine touches like zipped skin pockets and thumbholes ensure practical usability. The La Sportiva Session Tech Hoody encapsulates warmth and versatility, making it an excellent addition to your winter wardrobe.

  • One-way zipper with internal storm flap and lined zipper garage is ready for some serious winter exposure.
  • Variable weight fleece is warm but not sweaty.
  • Windproof torso and shoulder fabric keeps frostbite away from vital organs.
  • Front pockets are an accessible home for soft flasks or skins.
  • Brushed interior guarantees a comfortable feel against the skin.
convert to ounces
465g [L]
Ventilation Breathable fleece on arms and sides of torso
Hood Zipped
Pockets 2 zippered front pockets
Cuffs Fitted
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   Recycled Polyester, Elastane
Insulation Fleece warmth
Lining N/A
Coating N/A
Skimo Co Says
Usage Cold and windy days
Notes Better than a down hoodie for active movement
Bottom Line Stretchy and warm but not hot midlayer
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian W
One more question about size. The sizing chart shows that a European X-Large is a US Large. I assume that even though this is made in Europe that the available sizes shown on the website are in US sizes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, that is correct, we list them in US sizes.
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Question from Brian
Hi, I was looking at this for backcountry ski touring. I have a light windshirt that I wear over my merino wool base layer for high output climbing on the West Coast of BC and it works for the climate quite well, but sometimes it gets a bit cold in really windy or colder situations, like getting up into the alpine on a windy day. I have an old soft shell jacket which is warmer, but often too warm. I’m wondering if this jacket might strike a balance between the two and eliminate the head for bringing both.
Answer from Andrew C
Brian, I think this would be an excellent choice for a cross between the two jackets. It features a windproof fleece on the front to help out on those chilly ridges and a more breathable fleece on the back and sleeves to help vent.
Answer from Brian
Hi Andrew, that’s what I was hoping you would say. I will look into ordering this.

Thanks for your help,

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