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Fewer nanotubes! Well, we didn’t actually count them. But since it’s a skinnier ski, it’s reasonable to assume there are fewer nanotubes in the new Vapor Svelte as compared to the Nano.

It’s also reasonable to assume the new ski performs as well as its standard-setting elder. The Svelte shares the same impressive-yet-semi-secret manufacturing process that enables La Sportiva to create such lightweight skis with exceptional life. This version features a slimmer profile with a touch less rocker and a touch more camber. This makes it a touch more appropriate for use as an everyday touring or mountaineering ski.

The new Svelte has a 96mm waist and a slightly shorter radius which makes it an even nimbler weapon than the Nano. Perhaps the biggest change is to the skin attachment system: no more tip and tail holes. Feel free to use your favorite (mohair!) skins on the polygonal tip and tails. Also feel free to lap your friends.

  • Pre-preg carbon fiber laminates are reinforced with nanotubes somewhere in the USA.
  • Kevlar weave core retains its life better than wood while being torsionally stiff and snappy.
  • Bases are P-Tex 6000, an expensive and hard material that helps prevent core shots.
Lengths (cm) 168, 178, 188
convert to ounces
1080g [168]
1165g [178]
1240g [188]
Weight (pair) 2160g [168]
2330g [178]
2480g [188]
Sidecut   123-96-113
Turn Radius   16.9m [168]
19m [178]
21m [188]
Skin Fix   Polygonal tip & tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   60% camber, 20% tip rocker, 20% tail rocker
Shape   Medium radius, tapered tip & tail
Construction   Top-secret carbon nanotube baking
Core   Kevlar weave composite
Skimo Co Says
Usage Daily powder hunting
Notes Made in USA
Bottom Line Nimbler Nano
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

jenda (used product regularly)
Using them few months, and they slowly pushed all the other skis to the corner (literally about to sell 3 pairs). Powder, ice, slush, gets through everything.
Crazy light, nice on feet and even nicer on a backpack. Much snappier than what the weight would suggest, not a stiff ski though.
As any no weight ski, gets thrown around a bit. Carves well on the groomers.
Until i got used to them, a bit chattery but that was technique.
Curious about the tip and top layer durability, time will tell.
Loving it equaly paired with LS Syborgs(are you even wearing anything?) and MTN Labs
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Question from Julie Smith
I am a telelmark skier and I prefer a soft flex, light weight ski, width under foot 95 to 98. I am unable to flex the skis on line like I used to be able to in the store. Do you have a recommendation. looking for something under 3 pounds per ski.
Answer from jbo
Hi Julie, the Svelte wouldn't be my first choice for telemarking. For a round flex that would be tele-friendly, I'd check out the Salomon 95. Also the Super Maximo has a softer tip that would work well for you.
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Kirk T (used product a few times)
Just get them. You know you want to. These are a fantastic ski for up, down & flat - as a bonus, they're the best mogul-bashers I've ever skied (I ski bumps hard & fast, so the incredibly low swing weight of these skis really counts - I can't wait to get them into the trees). They're seem to be built as tough as a light ski can be, with great flex characteristics that prefer a balanced, gentle & steady skiing technique (pushing them around as if they're heavier skis makes them feel very hooky in the tail to me). My biggest problem is now that I hate skiing on anything else. Poor me!
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Model: Vapor Svelte

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