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Skiing may be the best thing ever, but do you know what isn't the best thing ever?? Helmet (or hat) hair!! If you're tired of hat hair and if going Mr. Clean bald isn't an option, a good looking hat is the only way to combat the dreaded frizzy-scruff cowlicked condition we call helmet (or hat) hair. The Skimo Logo Flexfit hat is the best hat for helmet (or hat) hair-averse skiers to use while covering up their condition because nothing says "I ski fast and put up the crispiest skin tracks this side of the Mississippi" with more gusto than having the Skimo Co logo plastered across your dome. Tired of feeling like a scrub every time you run errands after skiing, or do you have a chronic helmet (or hat) hair-offender in your life?? This sharp and stylish hat is the perfect solution for all your helmet (or hat) hair woes!!

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Model: Skimo Flexfit

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