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Skinning in a trucker cap is a great way to increase your cool points. But more importantly, because of the extra ventilated DynaStretch material, the Dynafit Tech Trucker Cap will keep your points cool. It does equally as well at keeping the sun out of your eyes as it does keeping the sun off of your neck when worn switch. It’ll even keep the sun off the side of your head if you’re have the head of an early 2000’s rapper. The Dynafit Tech Trucker Cap is the pinnacle of functional-style.

  • It’s ventilated: the already breatheable material has venting holes.
  • It’s also water-repellent, probably because of the brim.
  • DynaStretch is, believe it or not, a dynamic and stretchy material.
  • The weight of this fashion statement is only 65g.
  • Lighter than a helmet but doesn’t meet ISMF requirements.
  • Snapback closure equals extra style points and fit versatility.

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Questions & Reviews

Matt (used product a few times)
Can you even skimo without a dynafit lid?

Sweet hat that feels lightweight and doesn’t seem to hold water at all. Sizing feels very average - I snap all buttons at size 7 1/8
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Question from Tony
Which color is turquoise orange logo hat?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Tony, the turquoise orange logo hat under the drop-down menu is called Methyl Blue.
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Dcscad (downright abused product)
Great hat, can wear to the office on a casual day or hit the skin track or both in the same day. Adjustable fit and just the right height and design.
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Question from Josh W
Is the brim crushable? Similar to the Patagonia duckbill?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Josh! Definitely not crushable like those Patagonia hats, think of it like a baseball cap.
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Question from Mike
What's the sizing/stretch on these? Will this fit someone with a large head?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Mike! Good news! We didn't know this until it showed up just recently (I will update our description to reflect this) but it's actually a snapback so as long as you can fit into a snapback you're good! I was just able to go take a picture of one to see how it looked and it is SWEET.
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